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"Ride More" with Orange Seal's Tubeless Tire Sealant

Orange Seal aims to make "faster, lighter, eco-friendly and all around better products for the cycling industry." The tubeless system is there to help make your ride end when you want it to end, and not because of a puncture.   Read More »

First Look: Michelin Wild Mud reinforced tire

Michelin adds to its new tire line a mud tire with a great casing and a couple nifty features.   Read More »

Schwalbe Dual Chamber Mountain Bike Tire System

The dual chamber system allows extremely low air pressures around 14psi without the risk of snake-bites or the tire slipping on the rim.   Read More »

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tubeless tire problem

I've been running tubeless tires on my Scott 29'er for two years with no problems, until now. I've had 3 rear flats while trail riding in the last month. I've had to use tubes while on the trail, but when I get home I re-do the Stan's. A couple of rides are fine, and then I'll have another flat. Ti ... Read More »

tubeless tire pressure

Allo all what is the max tire pressure you can run in a tubeless setup.Read More »

Would you ride a tubeless tire with a Gorilla Taped sidewall tear?

I've got a practically brand new Specialized Ground Control 29x2.3 that I was running as a rear tire. I run tubeless and have done so for many years. I slashed the sidewall on the tire this weekend and had to put a tube in (no boot but should have used one) to get back home. This tire only has ab ... Read More »

Nevegals UST on XTR 988 wheelset - looking for another tubeless tire option

I have been running Nevegal 2.1 UST in the rear with Stans on XTR 988 wheels for two tires and have not had any issues. Seats well, no burps, no flats, no issues other than the fact that the tires are heavy at almost 900 grams. I had Nevegal 2.3 up front, non UST but mounted tubeless with Stans ... Read More »

Tubeless tire leak - 1/8'' clean cut on non tread portion of tire

I hit a flat this weekend and saw a small 1/8'' cut on the non tread portion of the tire, not being able to pump it to hold air, I popped it open to stick a tube. I noticed that it was completely dry of stans, my question is to keep running this tire do I leave a tube in there now, or should I try ... Read More »

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