Bontrager Jones XR Tubeless Tire

2.75/5 (28 Reviews)

Product Description

  • New high volume, lightweight, front and rear specific tire
  • Tubeless Ready technology optimizes the tire for use with sealant, which saves nearly 100 grams per wheel (over tubeless) and provides race proven performance
  • Gum-Bi dual compound (68a-62a) gives exceptional grip and durability

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by Alex Abbas a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: May 17, 2012

    Strengths:    Nice tread, good balance of weight and features

    Weaknesses:    Not available in medium width

    Bottom Line:   
    I've ridden this tire in 2.2" and 1.8" and I like them both a lot. Good enough grip for most riding, pretty good durability, easy to mount, etc. The 2.2 is fairly high volume, the 1.8 is pretty small, and they're both great fun in the right setting. A 2.0" Bonty XR would be a fantastic tire but it doesn't exist.

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    Similar Products Used:   Ignitor, Captain, Nevegal, Eskar, Renegade

    Bike Setup:   Hifi, Caliber, Superfly

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by salsamoto

    Date Reviewed: May 8, 2012

    Strengths:    fast tire ! light great on dry hardpack

    Weaknesses:    sucks in the mud and rocks and not a tire for the wet.

    Bottom Line:   
    okay tire overall but use for the road vs off road.

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:1
    Submitted by graham54 a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: June 9, 2011

    Strengths:    Quick rollin tyre

    Weaknesses:    Absolutely no grip & rear tyre wore down in 500 miles

    Bottom Line:   
    I read a review on these tyres about someone who almost washed out on a roundabout when in the dry. The same almost happened to me with the rear sliding out. Also came off when the front wheel slid away and still wondering how (no I wasn't being daft, honestly)? The upshot is that this tyre gives me very little confidence so I've took my Continental Verticals off my Cube and put them on my Trek.
    Durability wise, my rear tyre has worn down and I've only done 500 miles in them in about two and a half months. It may explain the rear sliding out but I never expected a tyre to only last less than 12 weeks. Will stick to my Conti Verticals.

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    Favorite Trail:   kielder

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Purchased At:   came with Trek 6300

    Similar Products Used:   Continental Verticals

    Bike Setup:   Trek 6300 and Cube Attention

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Ken365 a Racer from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Date Reviewed: April 10, 2011

    Strengths:    Corners like a dream in loose gravel corners. Climbs rocky ascents with confidence. Great traction in flowing single tracks. Does really well in mud.

    Weaknesses:    Rolling resistance not great. Can feel sluggish at first.

    Bottom Line:   
    Can't seem to relate to other reviews I've read. I've just completed the Cape Epic 2011, which was very rocky, lots of loose sand, large thorns, great free flowing single track. these tyres handled everything I threw at them. Tyre pressures were 30psi back, 26psi front, running tubeless on American Classic 29' rims.

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    Favorite Trail:   Groen Kloof

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Price Paid:    $78.00

    Purchased At:   TourDeFrans Cycles

    Similar Products Used:   Bontragger XDX 29', Michelin wild race'r 29'

    Bike Setup:   Niner Rip9, American Classic 29' Rims, tubeless, Full XT

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:1
    Submitted by ucancallmejoe a Cross Country Rider from Berkeley

    Date Reviewed: August 1, 2010

    Strengths:    Easy to set up for tubeless

    Weaknesses:    Horrible horrible traction

    Bottom Line:   
    No traction - that is all. Even when I do not skid out you know something is really wrong. The feel of the bike is like ice on ice.

    Back to the Nevegals. Some Bontragers work surprisingly well but not these things.

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    Favorite Trail:   Tamarancho

    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Price Paid:    $1.00

    Purchased At:   Given to me by worst

    Similar Products Used:   Nevegal, Jones XCR

    Bike Setup:   Lynskey Rigid Single Speed

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Mike P a Cross Country Rider from Sicklerville, nj, US

    Date Reviewed: August 1, 2010

    Strengths:    fast on the flats, low rolling resistance

    Weaknesses:    poor traction and washes out on any hard turns

    Bottom Line:   
    these almost like having racing slicks, traction is poor on anything other than hardpack an cornering is always an adventure. It's a disgrace the Trek would put these on a high end bike. I road these tires less than 15 hours before removing them from my bike

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    Favorite Trail:   Ceres

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Purchased At:   came with Trek Top F

    Similar Products Used:   WTB Velociraptor

    Bike Setup:   Trek Top Fuel 8, stock parts

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by Zach a Cross Country Rider from Germantown TN USA

    Date Reviewed: May 12, 2010

    Strengths:    Came with bike
    Low rolling resistance
    good for flat, hardpacked terrain

    Weaknesses:    if you ride on anything other than flat hardpacked terrain these tires will wash out. I have a huge problem with the tires washing out on me. These are racing tires so sacrificing grip for speed it to be expected, but these give up way too much grip and you will lose control the second you hit loose conditions (and in some cases when you have to make a sharp turn)

    Bottom Line:   
    I wouldn't recommend these tires unless you are a serious racer that doesn't need grip and knows how to keep the bike from washing out. I'm replacing mine with some specialized Fast Trak Controls. Another XC racing tire, but I've ridden slicks with more grip than the Jones XR

    pretty average price, good for a racer, just not for normal people.

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    Favorite Trail:   Stanky Creek Blue

    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Purchased At:   Peddler Bike Shop

    Similar Products Used:   Various Bontrager and Specialized mountain tires, tubeless and otherwise

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by lifebybike a Cross Country Rider from Ann Arbor, MI

    Date Reviewed: April 12, 2010

    Strengths:    Light

    Weaknesses:    Lacks traction and prone to flats

    Bottom Line:   
    Racing only tire, maybe. My second ride on my brother's bike I was borrowing and I got a pinch flat off nothing fancy. Traction worse than cheap semi-slick cross tires. And Bontrager has the gall to post only one review of these tires on their site from that says
    "It stops leaks, and pinch flats will be a thing of the past. I almost never flat with these systems, and I can run a lower pressure for superior traction."
    Bottom line: Load of refuse, but my bro's happy because I'm buying him a new and better tire.

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    Duration Product Used:   Tested or demo'ed only

    Bike Setup:   Trek Fuel EX8

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Deepsand a Cross Country Rider from San Diego, CA

    Date Reviewed: February 20, 2010

    Strengths:    Rolls Fast, Fairly light weight

    Weaknesses:    Horrible traction on dirt turns

    Bottom Line:   
    Can't believe Trek would put these tires on a $7000 bike. I have now had my new bike slide out around a turn twice in two weeks of owning. I have ridden my Trek Remedy for years on the same track with multiple brands of tires never sliding out once. My front tire feels like I'm on ice at higher speeds on dirt turns. Could be ok for very conservative riders that only like to go straight. This is my first review, because of all the thorns I had to pull out of my arm yesterday. Buying new tires this week.

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    Favorite Trail:   Lake Hodges

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Price Paid:    $100.00

    Purchased At:   With New Trek Bike

    Similar Products Used:   Other Bontrager tires (Big Earl), Kenda

    Bike Setup:   New Trek EX 9.9

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by bgriff01 a Cross Country Rider from Albuquerque, NM

    Date Reviewed: July 21, 2009

    Strengths:    Light-weight, good rolling speed

    Weaknesses:    VERY THIN sidewalls, poor traction with higher pressure

    Bottom Line:   
    I got these tires on the Trek Fuel Ex 8 I bought a couple months ago. I'd been hearing a lot of great things about tubeless and how it nicely complimented the full suspension, so I figured I'd try it out.

    The bike came with the Bontrager Jones XR tires, which I would describe as more of a race tire. They're light-weight and they roll fast. The problem with them is that they're Tubeless Ready" (TLR), which I've surmised is basically a comprimise between regular tires and UST tires. These "Tubeless Ready" tires are capable of being installed with sealent as UST tires, but they're also light enough to be used with tubes without a huge weight penalty. Basically what you get is a tire that's too slippery to use with tubes because you can't run a low enough pressure to get good traction without getting pinch flats, and a tire with incredibly thin and easily torn side walls when in the tubeless set up.

    It's been 2 months now and I've torn both the front and rear tires, rendering them useless as UST tires. After my back tire went, I hoped it was bad luck, replaced it with a much beafier standard UST tire, and kept using the Jones XR on the front wheel. About 3 weeks later the front tires tore open while I was going over some rocks, and that was it. I have the proper set up, problem is the sidewalls are so thin they tear while going over even minor rocky patches and the tears are too big for the sealant to handle.

    The bottom line is that these tires are a lousy compromise, an attempt to give the buyer two options; tubless or tubes. They fail at this and ultimately leave the buyer with a tire that doesn't really work in either set up. The side walls are just too thin, and they don't offer enough traction with tubes at higher pressures (around 40 psi and above). I'd recommend only buying standard UST tires (NOT TUBELESS READY or TLR, be careful) if you're thinking of going tubeless, and a tire like the Kenda Nevegals or the Panaracer Fire XC Pros if you're happy with tubes.

    As for me, I'm having luck with the Bontrager ACX UST, tire on the back wheel. The sidewalls are much thicker and sturdier, and the tires have ridden over numerous rock outcrops without complaint. The tread design is very substantial and I'm sure I lose some rolling speed due to that fact, but I can't argue with the traction I get on long climbs of decomposed granite. Next I'm thinking of trying the Kenda Nevegal UST for the front tire, hoping to get a faster rolling tire that still has good cornering traction.

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    Favorite Trail:   Windsor Trail, Santa Fe, NM

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Purchased At:   Albuquerque Bicycle

    Similar Products Used:   Bontrager ACX UST

    Bike Setup:   Trek Fuel Ex 8 2009, Bontrager ACX on rear wheel

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by dogsloweverywhere a Cross Country Rider from UK, Watford

    Date Reviewed: May 3, 2009

    Strengths:    Longevity over NNicks and if you're on reasonably hard packed trails, watch out, you'll be into corners quicker than you're used to! Would be my choice for Meridas, Sleepless, Mayhem, Clic24 etc until it gets muddy.

    Weaknesses:    I haven't really trusted bunging them in without caution, say, into fast berms being 1.8 tyres. Not the best choice for say Glentress!

    Bottom Line:   
    Where I ride it's fairly non-technical & I ride the 1.8 size & they're fast.
    If you aren't railing the berms at Glentress and want a fast rolling tyre then look no further.

    I find them resistant to pinch flats as I ride them pumped up, they never get punctures which NNicks are dreadful with, and they're lasting far longer too.

    I'm going to try the 2.1 XDX Jones too, but as it stands around somewhere like Dalby Forest or Cannock Chase's Red Routes you'll be on-fire!

    As can be seen from the tread pattern, these tires aren't the best in muddy conditions, but they are excellent for their intended purpose, which is a fast rolling crosscountry/trail tyre.

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    Favorite Trail:   Dalby or Afan

    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Similar Products Used:   On the 29er, none yet in 5 months. XDX's up next with a RRalf too.

    Bike Setup:   29 and 26 HT and full sus in the 26er too

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by firedawg225 a Cross Country Rider from Chievres, Belgium

    Date Reviewed: April 2, 2009

    Strengths:    Stick good, sheds mud well, fast roller

    Weaknesses:    front slips alittle, not the greatest in deep mud

    Bottom Line:   
    Love these tires. the negative do nothing to steer me away from the way these tires work. Note these tires are XC/race tires. these are a little weight strong tire. I also have the tubeless version. the small knob clear mud fast and effectively. great tire i'd buy these again in a heart beat!!

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    Favorite Trail:   Mer De Sable

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Purchased At:   Espace bike

    Similar Products Used:   Panaracer fireXC pro 120tpi, WTB Velociraptor

    Bike Setup:   Trek 8500 and a HM custom

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:1
    Submitted by biker2 a Downhiller from Gainesville

    Date Reviewed: March 7, 2009

    Strengths:    none

    Weaknesses:    traction, cornering, anything that you need in a tire this doesnt have.

    Bottom Line:   
    For a low rolling resistance tire it barely accomplishes this, I have tried all possible range of psi to no avail. Not sure about durability but who cares with a tire this bad. Could be better used cut up as a chainstay protector. Shame on you trek for putting this on an otherwise great bike.

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    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Purchased At:   stock

    Similar Products Used:   huth pythons, irc mythos, panaracer fire xc

    Bike Setup:   trek fuel ex8

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:1
    Submitted by mfx007 a Weekend Warrior from Isanti, MN

    Date Reviewed: December 25, 2008

    Strengths:    Work OK on Slickrock

    Weaknesses:    Worthless in any type of dirt

    Bottom Line:   
    I rented a Trek EX7 in Moab with the stock Jones XR tires. They worked fine. Stuck well to slickrock -where it probably is good to have less aggressive knobbies. They also worked well on rocky terraine like the long Porcupine Rim trail (I had them at about 35 PSI and no pinch flats).

    Don't grip for anything on dirt. My worse wipeout in Moab was the only dirt I rode on - the top of porcupine. I live in the Midwest and Trek is a midwest company, so I don't know why they put tires on bikes that don't work in midwest dirt. Supposed to run low pressure I guess, but if you try to launch the occasional rock at higher speeds, will get a pinch flat. I generally don't ride in mud, but any moist soil will clog the tread.

    Panaracer XC Pros are much better for me (I have not tried that many other tires). Probably too agressive a tread for racing, but an better overall tire.

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    Favorite Trail:   Hillside

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Similar Products Used:   Panaracer Fire XC Pro

    Bike Setup:   08 Trek EX7

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by kendogz161 a Weekend Warrior from Connecticut

    Date Reviewed: September 14, 2008

    Strengths:    These babies are light,good grip in corners. Air up easy as tubeless with floor pump. Roll fast.

    Weaknesses:    Rear wears quick. Not the best in mud.

    Bottom Line:   
    Tire has not been bad. Been running these tubeless with Stans from new. Mounted and aired easy. I weight 180lbs and run these at 27psi front, 33psi rear with no problem. I ride the trails two to four times a week. and few of those ride are four hours long group rides with no problems. Wish the rear would last longer may get a year from it, front still look like it could go one more round.
    For anyone riding in the northeast these tires should be good. Side walls are thinner and the normal ust tire so you have to be carefully of sharp rocks.

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    Favorite Trail:   Trumbull

    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Price Paid:    $40.00

    Purchased At:   E-Bay

    Similar Products Used:   Many tires have been use in my quest it find that perfect tire.

    Bike Setup:   A few bikes setup to ride at anytime.

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    Bontrager Race Lite Rim TLR rim with Jones XR tires - bead leaking

    I went tubeless this week. I have Bontrager Race Lite wheels with bontrager rim strips and valves. Using the stock Jones XR tires with Stans sealant. They air up, but I'm still getting leaks at the bead. I checked again today and they are down with just enough pressure to hold their shape. I've ... Read More »

    Bontrager Jones XR squirmy in corners

    I have a set of bontrager Jones XR on my Trek fuel ex 8. I have the pressure set at the lowest recomended 35psi. The terrain I ride is loose in some sections, roots and rocky (some sections). What is the back ground or intended use of this tire? I have yet to wash out but it feels like I am about to ... Read More »

    Bontrager Jones XR tire question

    My tires that came on my Fuel EX 8 are bontrager jones xr. They also say aramid bead on the sidewall. My question is are they tubeless ready? The tires seem to be working well for me so far. Anyone know much about the tire in question?Read More »

    Bontrager Jones XR Discontinued??

    My [I]new favorite [/I]tire is 1/2 price now on Bontrager's website, and the 2.25 (front) and 2.2 (rear) are no longer available?? [url],2,461,463&iProductID=1507&bShopOnline=1[/url]Read More »

    Bontrager Jones XR Tread Direction

    I'm sure this could of gone in the wheel/tire section but I figured I'd ask some fellow Fisher owners. What direction do you have your rear XR facing. I noticed that the small indicator on the sidewall is pointing in the correct direction but it seems the tread is facing backwards. If the rot ... Read More »

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