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Q-Tubes Thorn Resistant Tube

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What are the most thorn and flat resistant tires you've used?

Right now I've got some marathon green guards and they are not flat resistant enough to handle the thorns around here. I've been thinking of the mondials, but are they all that flat resistant? And panaracer or continental worth a try?Read More »

Problems with Thorn-Resistant QTubes

Ignore this - accidental double-post, but can't see immediately how to delete it.Read More »

Catastrophic failures of thorn resistant QTubes

Pardon the double-post here: I posted in the General forum first, not realizing that the tube geeks probably hang out in the Wheels and Tires forum instead, but all the answers I got there relate to trying different tube solutions--and right now I am specifically trying to address the Kenda QTube fa ... Read More »

Thorn Resistant QTubes breaking

With nine of us all mountain biking and racing (yes, I have a wife and seven mountain-biking children), I am tired of changing blackberry-thorn- and goathead-induced flats on my regular Kenda QTubes and thought back to the time a few years back when I put in a super-thick tube that lasted about thre ... Read More »

how thorn resistant are your tires?

I'm curious to hear about other's experience with tires. mtb and commuting tires. I recently I sold my bike which had Specialized Hemisphere tires. I used regular tubes and didn't use any sef-sealing stuff at all. In more than a year, commuting and mountain riding ocasionally, I never got a fl ... Read More »

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