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Kenda Presta Valve Tube

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Product Description

Kenda 29x1.9/2.3 Presta Valve Tube. Kenda makes most of the high quality tubes in the industry for various famous brands. This 29'er tube will serve you very well.

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Boring Productivity: 3D Printed Presta Valve Core Remover

Hey all, I just thought I would share a doodad I threw on the 3D printer this morning. [url=http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:429677]Chain Shaped Presta Valve Core Remover Tool by bdeleon - Thingiverse[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]916014[/ATTACH] I plan on using this little guy to do two things s ... Read More »

Presta Valve help. Where to find parts?

My wife bought me an Alfa Romeo bike to compliment the car that I own. It was bought off eBay from a car dealership in Florida. It was used as a display model and arrived complete sans a single cap off a tube valve. I took this bike to a local bike shop here in Cleveland, OH (Eddy's Bike Shop) an ... Read More »

Strange Presta valve and how to use it.

I've got a couple of bikes for the family that have what I presumed to be Presta valves, however, when I went to use my new Lezyne HV Drive on the valve it appeared to be either not working or highly inefficient and leaking because there is no physical connection and opening of the valve. The valve ... Read More »

schrader pressure gauge work with presta valve?

If you have a schrader pump with a gauge and you place an adapter on it and fill your presta valve tires up, is the PSI on the gauge accurate? If not, how much is it off by because 30psi felt like 30psi when i squeezed my tire in comparison with another.Read More »

Presta valve and schraeder ?

Quick question, my new 29er came equipped with presta valves and I have a brand new schraeder valve spare tube in my camel bak. if I get a flat will I be able to use the spare tube in the same rims that came on the bike ? thanks in advance !Read More »

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