Hutchinson Protect'Air Tube

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Hutchinson's Protect'air Schrader MTB Tube is a high performance, highly durable, puncture resistant inner tube for mountain bikes. Weighs 235g, comes with green valve cover.

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How to store to protect against salt air?

I need to store my bike for a year and try to protect it against the terribly corrosive salt air here? (I have to oil the chain every 6 weeks to prevent total rust!) I welcome all suggestions to protect the chain, the aluminum and steel parts. Thanks!Read More »

Hutchinson Protect' Air

Just got a bottle of the hutchinson sealant for free and was wondering if anyone had any experience using this type of sealant in their tubeless tyres? I'm currently using Stans and although i haven't had any issues, i was interested to see if the Hutchy stuff is supposedly any better. Thought ... Read More »

Hutchinson Protect Air vs Stan's

I've got a set of new Hutchinson Barracuda MRC Medium UST 2.3's (wow that's a mouthful) on order. I've been running Conti Vertical Pro UST's on Mavic x819's and have been happy, but I wanted a beefier more agressive tire. I've been using Stan's with the Conti's with no problems. I remove the tir ... Read More »

Ripoff - don't buy: Hutchinson Protect'Air

This is Hutchinson's tire sealant, their version of Stan's. The stuff is a rip-off. The volume of the bottle isn't labeled but according to the 10 ml. measuring marks on the bottle, it's about 110 ml. The label says you're supposed use 70 ml for a 26x2.00 tire which means you need to buy two $18 bot ... Read More »

Hutchinson Protect'air Preventive Liquid

Has anyone been able to find this stuff? I've searched the web and come up empty. ThanksRead More »



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