Hutchinson Air Light Tube

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Hutchinson Air Light Tube 60mm Presta Valve: Lightweight, high air retention butyl rubber with a 60mm presta valve.

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New fork question for light rider (90 lbs) - Reba Solo air or Fox?

Looking for a fork for my wife, she's 90 lbs. What should I get? I'm thinking a Reba Solo air RL or a Fox F29 RL. I know there are some issues setting up forks for light riders so...thoughts?Read More »

Reba RL air pressure and light rider

Hi guys (and especially girls since that would be more of a question for women riders :)) Wife has Reba RL forks (on her Commencal SuperNormal 26 hardtail), and I'm bugging with setting them right for her. She's pretty light rider (50kg, which means about 110lbs), and she doesn't ride something ext ... Read More »

Hutchinson Python UST Air Light replacement

I've been running Python Air lights for a few years but it's hard to buy them online now and I'd like to try something else. I was pretty happy with them and I'm wondering what is a good light fast rolling tire for mostly hard pack trails and some road commute.Read More »

Air vs. Coil Totem for light rider

Looking to get a totem fork. I've read tons of other threads about air vs coil and know the basic tradeoffs, but I have a few more questions: [LIST=1] [*][B]Has anyone actually ridden both an air and coil totem to compare?[/B] I've heard the newer air forks are getting smoother and better at sma ... Read More »

Light 24" air fork - where/how to buy in the USA?

Anyone know how to procure a real air fork for my new Scott Scale JR?Read More »

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