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XLC Achilles Tire

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Product Description

The universal semislick-profiling supports you Offroad with a safe grip and with a quiet run and low rolling resistance on the street. The robust 60 TPI carcase (threads per inch) guarantees optimal rolling up quality characteristics.

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Biking with Achilles Tendonitis

Any of you guys who have had achilles tendonitis know if riding will make it worse or what kind of riding can you do without making it worse? Can you do lift assisted downhill (green lines only)?Read More »

Achilles Tendonitis - you suck!

Well, add another lesson learned. Invest in good shoes. Don't be a cheapwad like me and ride with 6 year old Nike tennis shoes that have worn so bad there is no tread left on the bottom. Having ridden in Missouri for many, many years wasn't really a big deal but having moved to northern ... Read More »

achilles tendonitis

I've developed what I think is achilles tendonitis in my right foot. The outside area at the corner of my heel and sole of foot has become sore and painful. I try streching which helps but it still feels so tight. I can deal with it but is there anything else that helps?Read More »

Achilles pain? What's the cause?

So, I've recently started putting some saddle time in after a long time off. I was running in the mean time, but the running was hard on my shin splints. I'm doing more miles per ride than I ever had in the past. Still not a lot when compared to what others are doing, but currently doing 15-20 m ... Read More »

Achilles Tendonitis and KT Tape

Has anyone tried using KT Tape for relief from Achilles Tendonitis? How'd it do? I ask, because my left ankle is acting up after a climbing ride last Thursday. It started aching at about a mile into the ride...and did I listen to my body? Hell no....I continued another 40 miles...:madman:. I ... Read More »

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