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WTB Wolverine Race Tire

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Product Description

Wolverine has steel-like claws coming out of his hands because he's a mutant with an adamantium skeleton. You can get temporary steel Wolverine piercings in your hand in Brazil, but it's temporary, a long trip, and the claws will probably rip out as you go to swipe a villain. It's better and cheaper to buy the WTB Wolverine Race tires and put them on your wheels. The Wolverine tires will grip much better than any claws coming out of your hand. The tread is comprised of moderately-spaced angular knobs that are shorter in the middle and taller towards the edges to bite hard without grabbing any dirt after making the puncture wound in the ground.The WTB Wolverine Race comes in 26x2.2" only. It is a most-conditions tire -- moist to dry, and hardpack to loose. The Global Measuring System (GMS) measure is 54/52, meaning that it's 54mm at the widest point of the casing and 52mm crown or widest point of the tread. There is an Aramid bead. They use DNA rubber, which has 60a durometer. The casing is 60 TPI. Recommended tire pressure is 35-65psi. Tread and sidewalls are black. 610g.

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Anyone Running WTB Wolverine Race 29er Tubeless?

Anyone run this tire tubeless? Any issues? I'm trying to run this with a Stan's Arch EX rim riding agressive XC. WTB makes a TCS ready Wolverine 29er tire but it's not recommended by Stan's due to fitment issues with their Bead Socket Technology (BST) rim lip.Read More »

$79.98 pair (shipped) Artscyclery.com Wolverine Race 2.2 650b

If you're a fan of this tire, use coupon save20 at [url=http://www.artscyclery.com/descpage.html?pcode=WTW65T]WTB Wolverine 650B/27.5 Tire[/url] and get free shipping, too. $79.98 shipped in US for a pairRead More »

WTB Wolverine Race 2.1 & 650b

Just weighed my WTB Wolverine Race 2.1 from Nashbar. Price was $24.99 and free shipping. 531 grams for the 26" that I will run tubeless. The 650b Wolverine 2.2 folding is 672 grams. Running tubeless, too.Read More »

Truly impressed by WTB Wolverine 2.1 Race

One of my shorter-travel FS bikes has a 26" rear wheel combined with a 650b front. Been running ghetto tubeless for many years and this weekend's desert trail ride was full of rocks and a combo of hardpack with loose over hardpack. Tried a 2.1 Wolverine Race on the back at around 29psi and tubeless. ... Read More »

Racing Ralph / Race King / Wolverine

Hola! My buddy needs a rear tire for XC / Marathon / Trail riding. He'd use Rocket Ron 2,25 as a front tire. He was thinking of Racing Ralph 2,25 as a rear, but I suggested Race King 2,2 and Wolverine 2,2 as well! What do you think? What are pros and cons of each tire? Cheers!Read More »

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