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Panaracer Crosstown Tyre. Tyres - MTB 26

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Timberline to Town or "Crosstown Trail"

Looking to ride this trail on Monday. From what I have read it has been completed but cannot find any info on routes. Any info would be helpful. Links to maps or even just some directions. Thanks.Read More »

Glade, Crosstown, Pioneer Bridal trail conditions?

I rode all of these trails for the first time last year in late July I believe (could have been August?) and was wondering if they are clear or if anyone has ridden them yet? Not sure how things are looking up on Mt. Hood right now. Thank you for any input.Read More »

Crosstown Collapsible Bicycle Trailer

This was designed by some engineering students who recently graduated from McMaster University. It won first t the Ontario Engineering Competition and second at the Canadian Engineering Competition. They have entered the [URL=""]James Dyson Award[/URL], an inter ... Read More »

A somewhat "undynamic" experience – review of Dynamic Bicycle Crosstown 8

Since I moved to hilly and rainy Bergen, Norway, in 2004 I saved money to buy a new bike that is better fit to an environment that almost constantly is wet and salty – especially in winter. The chain of my old >40000km-ridden '97 Bergamont Fluxus was suffering a lot, with a constant need for greasin ... Read More »

Mount Snow Crosstown Trails? 90 bucks.

So I call Mount Snow yesterday to see what the deal is with their Crosstown Trails. First, I sent an email that was never answered. Then, I called their main number only to find that it was an answering machine with a message saying to call back in the Fall. So THEN I called the hotel, and the ... Read More »

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