Panaracer CG AM Tire

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Panaracer teamed up with cycling legend Cedric Gracia to develop this line of fast rolling, off-camber eating, mud-shedding animals.  Designed with both XC riding/racing and short track in mind, the CG XC 2.1 will excel in anything fro...

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Panaracer CG SC AM & XC 29er tires ?

I was browsing the Panaracer website and noticed they have a CG SC AM & XC 29er tire in 2.25 size listed on their site ! I recall hearing about the CG XC 29er 2.25 tire being available is it true that the AM & XC version is now available as well ? Sorry if this is old news......bu ... Read More »

panaracer cg ac am rotating direction

I just got the new panaracer cedric gracia all-conditions all-mountain 2.35" tire to put on the back, Nowhere on the tire is the arrow that shows the rotating direction. Does anyone know what it is? Should the point of the "v" in the center treads point in the rotating direction, or the other way? ... Read More »

CG Ride Saturday AM

This Saturday 3/1 I'll be riding at Casa Grande Mountain at 8:30am. Come on out and join me. If you need directions let me know. B.Read More »

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