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Nokian NBT Tire

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Product Description

  • Light skinwall or durable gumwall casing
  • Folding aramid bead (swa) or wire bead (sw & gw)

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What's the diff Nokian NBX & NBT?

What's the difference between Nokian NBX and NBT? Good for all around tire? Considering the 2.1 for my Epic. Anyone convert it to tubeless?Read More »

Dawg's NBT's suck for a front tire?

Is it just me or do these Nokian NBT's blow for a front tire? The back is pretty decent, good traction, but the front it washing out easily and slips on any kind of off cambered rocks in rock gardens. Never really had this happen on my HT with any kind of tire. Any Dawg owners found a better fron ... Read More »

Nokian NBT (as seen on KONA): any info. ?

Hello, I have noticed that some Kona bikes come with some unknown (at least to me) Nokian tyre: NBT 2.3 (2006 "Back Country" serie) and NBT 2.1 (2006 "Cross Country" serie, 2005 "Back Country" serie). BTW: More expensive bikes get NBX and not NBT. I'm curious about what these might be. Are the ... Read More »

Nokian NBT reviews and comments

How are the Nokian NBT tires that come on the Dawg? I live outside of NYC so I'm riding on hilly, rooty and rocky hard pack. I know from experience that the Bontrager ACX tires that hame on my Trek hard tail were terrible on this terrain. Will the Nokians fair any better? Thanks, EdvigRead More »

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