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Nashbar Fuel Tire

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MSRP : $15.00

Product Description

The Fuel Mountain tire features a lower-profile, mud-shedding tread that has speed written all over it. A nice, supple 30 TPI casing digs into the trail whether it's wet or dry, and small knobs along the spine make your acceleration and top-speed capabilities soar.

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WHo has fuel EX 29er in 21.5 frame

OK hit a trek demo today (couldnt believe one was at a favorite closish trail set) and I was impatient so they had a fuel ex 29er 9.8 21.5" frame. Didnt look much bigger than my 29er HT (trek) thats 19" so wth, they swapped my pedals on, adjusted seat and lever posistions etc, away I went. More s ... Read More »

New Fuel EX 7 flat after 4th ride - get new tires?

So I've only had my '14 EX 7 for about 2 weeks or so and it's been great. I just got back from my 4th or 5th ride and when I got into the elevator to my place I noticed what looked like a leaf or something so just flicked it off only to hear air quickly escaping. Completely flat now. Awesome that it ... Read More »

2014 Fuel EX 7 fork have DRCV?

Hi guys, Does the Fox Float Evolution fork on the 2014 Fuel EX 7 have DRCV? If so, is it really better than the regular version? Or is it more of a hassle? I understand that the 2015 model doesn't have it, but Trek's website doesn't show anything about the suspension on the 2014. I can get the 201 ... Read More »

Bonty XXX wheels on Fuel

Has anybody run the XXX wheels on a Fuel? Looking at getting a fuel and have XXX wheels on a SF 9.8 now. Wondering about durability. Mostly ride midwest singletrack with some rocky sections (KC area) but no big drops. Already blew the rear wheel out last month on a washout rut. Not sure if more dura ... Read More »

How to measure frame size of Fuel Ex 8 WSD

Hey all So my wife has a Fuel Ex 8 (2010 model I think) and we've decided its a hair too small for her. I want to buy a frame one size larger and build it out from the parts on the old frame. Trouble is, there is no sticker or tag anywhere on the frame that tells us what size the current frame actu ... Read More »

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