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Innova Studded Tire

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Product Description

Innovas studdedTires let you keep having fun, even whenThe weatherTurns foul. Replacement studs are available (it is commonTo lose 5-10 studs during use dueTo friction) 584g (20") 970g (26")

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Has anyone studded nates, bud or lou with 45nrth type studs?

Hey there all, Having quite the dilemma of what to do for stud season. I want to run a different tire besides my nate next summer. The are not amazing on sand or asphalt but are great for everything else so far. So I am willing to experiment with my nates. The grip studs look awesome but are to damn ... Read More »

PAID SPAM: Studded Bud and Lou

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=95988]Studded Bud and Lou - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] SOLDRead More »

Dillinger 5's, Snowshoe xl studded, or other?

Up here in North Idaho, we live low enough on the hill to get a fair bit of rain/snow mix. Often even if the trails are packed and snowy, roads will still be icy. I ran some 27tpi Dillingers last year. They would keep my face from immediately hitting the ground, but didn't ride nearly as well as my ... Read More »

700c studded tires, how many studs are too many?

I am bewildered by the options in studded tires. Does anyone have a rule of thumb for studs for a given tire width, a thought on tread vs stud pattern? I am riding roads (sometimes sidewalks) which when plowed last year had a fine sheen of ice and want to be ready for this year. For my motor vehicl ... Read More »

Studded Tire reccomendation 27.5" and 700C

Looked on the web and have only found the 650b Nokian A10 - ISO 40-584mm at peter white cycles. It seems to narrow and too few studs. Is the 650b market too new? For my 700c hybrid. Should I get the widest tires possible and whats the ideal stud count?Read More »

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