Hutchinson Spider Tire

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The Hutchinson Spider is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a tire from a manufacturer with over 100 years of race pedigree, countless victories in every category, and is backed by some of the best sets of legs the sport has ever known. ?Without the

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Possible to use X0 Spider on XX1 crank?

The spline interface appears to look the same. Can anyone confirm this? Not quite ready for XX1....but sure would like to get a 24t granny on my SRAM XX cranks(impossible). So, I may be considering a "downgrade."Read More »

Spider 29 Comp Pivot Service Advice

I've been riding my Spider 29 Comp pretty hard for about 6 months and I'm starting to get paranoid about doing some preventative maintenance on all the bearings and such. I can't really find anything beyond a comment here and there about servicing the pivots, so I'm curious if anyone has any adv ... Read More »

Swapping spiders on XO crank to use XX1 spider and 32T ring?- I have Clearance issues

I've purchased an XX1 spider ring combo with a 32t ring. Today I removed the spider from my X0 which has two rings and swapped on the XX1 spider and ring. Looking at both spiders, the X0 double spider sits much further outboard on the crank arm and the XX1 spider quite a bit more inboard if th ... Read More »

Creaking Dropout on Intense Spider Comp - How to Fix?

Just got a Spider and I love it. However, lately when I get up and pedal hard there is a horrible creaking sound. I had already greased the dropouts surfaces and re-fastened them. I regressed the drive side again as the noise seems to be coming from there. I also greased between the hanger and t ... Read More »

Spider Comp 29 Shock Question

I purchased a spacer kit for the float CTD to increase its ramp at the end of stroke. I bottom the shock a bit too easily for my liking. That said, what eyelet does the shock have installed on it? LV, SV, XV1 or XV2? I couldn't find this info anywhere on the shock. The different cans provid ... Read More »

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