Hutchinson On the Rocks Tire

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26 x 1.90 845g

The most famous stars have used the On the Rocks in their youth, during a long time this tire has been the most awarded in the MTB's story.
Its agressive profile insures grip on the most difficult terrains.

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So what is up with the hiker putting rocks on Natty?

Not sure what was up this weekend but Saturday almost no one was out on Natty. I rode up past the saddle then dropped down to BV trail was in normal shape. When I came back from Telegraph Pass and was climbing up from BV to the Saddle 3 huge rocks had been placed in the trail at a point were going t ... Read More »

shiggy on the rocks!

Today I brought the On-One fat bike to the area that inspired it. [ATTACH]662113[/ATTACH] Wade joined me, with his friend, Stan. Not a great day for pics, but a wonderful day to ride. [ATTACH]662131[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]662132[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]662133[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]662134[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6621 ... Read More »

ElCap w/5" Rockers=Love on the rocks!

I have been on my ElCapitan now for almost 2 years and could not be happier! I got mine w/the 4" rockers but swapped them out to the 5" rockers and am super happy! This is by far the nicest bike I have ever ridden and on the rocks it just sucks em up! Especially when rock crawling! My onlky complain ... Read More »

Cart for moving rocks on the trail?

I'm with a group that's introducing singletrack to our town by volunteering to build trails in a new county park. The site is kind of mushy in areas and will need some rock armoring. Part of the site has some rock, but it will have to be moved 1/2 mile minimum to the areas where it's needed. The ... Read More »

Help MTBR, my marriage is on the rocks!

My wife demands that i get her an MTBR jersey size medium in womens sizes. She promise to wear it all the time! Plus, i think it looks better than the Hammer jersey;) What do you say:D [IMG] ... Read More »

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