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Geax Sturdy Tire

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Product Description

The Sturdy is a timeless pattern featuring plenty of large, well spaced, square knobs, making it the ideal choice for a host of technical applications and rougher terrains. It’s “sturdy” sidewalls and double compound tread make the tyre descend like a downhill tyre, but the single ply casing prevents it from climbing like one. Ideal in applications from aggressive XC to light freeride, the Sturdy is a truly versatile, high performance, large blocked platform.

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Lupine - How Sturdy is the Bar-mount set for Betty R?

Hey Betty Owners, I'm thinking of getting the new Betty R14 and I was wondering how sturdy that bar-mount is? It is only on one side and does anybody add one to the other side? I currently have the older mounting that connects with the "O" ring. Thanks a bunch, WoodyRead More »

anyone want a free sturdy bike shipping box? (NE mesa)

before it gets flattened and goes out with next week's cardboard dropoff? its not the kind a bike would arrive in from the manufacturer. in fact you could probably place the mfr one inside this one. its a Uline heavy duty 44ECT the ibis came in from jenson. no holes, dents, or anything. [url=http ... Read More »

Rear rack with p-clamps. Sturdy enough for two panniers?

I do a month long tour every year and my upcoming MTB will not have mounting holes for rear rack so p-clamps seem to be the only option to mount the rack. How much weight can that setting handle? I would use the typical 22L x 2 pannier set.Read More »

looking for a sturdy bike for a 250lb crusher

I'm helping a friend.. Looking for ideas for a mountain bike (complete -new or used, $700 or less) that will survive a 250lb 20 year old with little regard for bicycles. Rigid and simple is fine. He's broken a few. Maybe a used instigator or other dirt jumper? 5' 11" anyone got leads or ideas?Read More »

Geax Sturdy TNT: Too tight fit?

Ordered a few of these and love the looks out of the box--big volume, big knobs. Also love the feel of the burly casing, and the fact that they're 1000g each. Could well be Dissent replacements for certain trails and times. But I can't get 'em mounted to go ride 'em. Tried them on the Chines ... Read More »

Read More »




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