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2 or 4 bolt, 1 1/8" quill stem <30 degrees; why is it so hard to find!?!

I have a Trek 820 from around 1996 and I want to change out the stock quill stem for a few reasons: 1. This thing is at a ridiculous 60+ degree angle, I hate the posture it forces you to assume when you ride it 2. It uses a single bolt to compress the handlebar slot and clamp down on the handlebar ... Read More »

Blur LT 1 - 2007 pivot/pro pack bearing options - help!

I just had installed a new pro pack just a few months ago by Slippery Pig but I've already got play again. I'm big and I beat up this bike. Several shorter rides a week at S Mtn on Mormon and National and two long ones on the weekend, usually 20-30 miles each. I have been to Angelfire twice too (mul ... Read More »

Colorado Springs Night Ride 1/8/2014 (<---look! I got the year right!)

It's dumping outside right this moment. I thought it might be good idea to start this thread early for thorough planning, but more importantly for the sake of rallying everyone's cold weather fortitude. I don't want to suggest a trail just yet. The final snowpack has yet to be revealed and that mean ... Read More »

Blur LT 1.0 Rear shock upgrade?

I've got a 2006 Blur LT 1.0 that's getting due for a rear shock service. The bike is in great shape and i plan to keep it for quite a while. I have a Fox RP3 "high volume" on there right now and it does great on downhills, but it bobs a lot on anything out of the saddle (I realize some of this ... Read More »

Blur LT AL 2.2 vs Heckler 6.1

howdy folks - i'm thinking about pulling the trigger on one of the sale frames. currently riding a 5.1 gen heckler with newer build.. Van 160 and XT. I love this set up and will be sad to see old red go but I'm so ready for something new. Riding consists of rocky steep technical AM style. My ... Read More »

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