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1upUSA Tire Sealant Tire

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tire sealant

running split tube and love it. question is, I use stans, but with huge tires and all the thorns, etc that I ride in I am going through A LOT. On a ride yesterday all of the stans blew out from so many holes and there wasn't enough left to seal them all. once I got back home I put some more in an ... Read More »

How much drag/friction does tire sealant add?

After adding some Stans and listening to it slosh around as the wheel spun, I got to wondering how much extra friction this is causing. Like a mini paddle wheel, the tire "lifts" a bit of liquid with each revolution. Seems like it would have a substantial impact. (If you dip a spinning slick into ... Read More »

How much tire sealant to use?.

Iv got mavic crossmax sl with hutchinson python tubeless tires, iv just put brand new mavic valves in but the rear still goes flat after a few days.... Theres no punctures in the tires so i just need the tire sealant to seal the odd pin hole or rim seal.... Iv got a 3oz bottle of slime for tub ... Read More »

Sealant bleeding out of tire on first ride

Hi friends. I did a Stans tubeless conversion on my 26" wheels last night. It went well even though my front tire had a lot of tiny leaks in the sidewalls. I think I got them all. This morning I went on a quick ride on my local singletracks. After about 10 minutes of riding I stop and look at my ... Read More »

Tear in my first tubeless tire - do I need to patch or will sealant help? (pics)

So I have been making some upgrades to my mountain bike in preparation for spring riding once the weather turns nice. I have never used tubeless before but I have some brand new tubeless wheels+tires and was very excited to get out on the trails. I've taken the bike around the blocks a few times t ... Read More »

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