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Project Bike: Danish man builds son coolest balance bike ever

When Kasper Albrekt decided to get a bike for his young son Jakob, he had trouble finding one that got him excited. So the Danish bike shop guy turned a Specialized Hotwalk into the “S-Walk”—quite possibly the world’s coolest kickbike.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon 2 has the good kind of split personality

The split personality Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2 has the climbing chops of a short-travel XC racer, but can rip descents like a true trail bike.    Read More »

First Look: SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain

SRAM engineers have created an X01 drivetrain that is optimized to take on the demands of downhill racing.   Read More »

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Wheel building & Spoke lengths

Hi, I assume this is a common question asked by newbies to wheel building so here I am no doubt asking the same. I used a spoke calculator and it told me i needed the following spoke lengths Front wheel: Left side = 261.6mm right Side = 263.7mm Rear Wheel: Left side = 262.8mm Right side = 262. ... Read More »

spoke to another rider yesterday while on my new bike

So i took my new 29er out yesterday and ran into a more experienced rider. He mentioned to me bout the gorilla tape and stans seal to go tubeless. Is this worth looking into? I have looked it up and it looks easy, but as a beginner would I gain anything from going this route? :confused:Read More »

Rear wheel spoke guard - need it?

I changed my wheels the other day and didn't put that plastic thing back on the wheel after changing the cassette to the new wheel. Is that thing called a spoke guard? Do I need one?Read More »

Spoke length issue

I'm building up a pair of dt swiss 240s hubs (6 bolt standard qr) on a pair of 29er x470s. I've run through the spoke calculator about 20 times and I'm getting consistent numbers (manual input of specs), but I've built up the wheels and it looks like the spoke lengths are wrong. Has anyone had a ... Read More »

Industry 9 spoke reliability?

I'm considering a set of I9 Torch wheels. A riding buddy has a set of I9's and had had problems with spokes breaking. He thinks that the alloy spokes become brittle over time and then break easily. On the other hand, a friend who owns a bike shop doesn't think they fatigue any quicker than any o ... Read More »

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