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Project Bike: Danish man builds son coolest balance bike ever

When Kasper Albrekt decided to get a bike for his young son Jakob, he had trouble finding one that got him excited. So the Danish bike shop guy turned a Specialized Hotwalk into the “S-Walk”—quite possibly the world’s coolest kickbike.    Read More »

Handmade Show: Ritchey rolls a fattie into NAHBS with launch of new Commando fatbike

Ritchey goes back to the future with new Commando fatbike. Orgainic farmers rejoice.   Read More »

Interbike 2013: Kuat NV and Trio Racks

For 2014 Kuat has released the Trio roof rack, added a new Black color to their lineup, and expanded their options to tie down Fat Bike's.    Read More »

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Skewer size, help?

Not a noob, but......I got a spare Syncros 135mm spacing hub rr wheel with a wide rim from my brother but didn't notice the skewer size til I got it home (after buying a new tire too....).I did notice that the front wheel to the set was a 20mm t/a but paid no mind since I'm using my 650 wheel up fro ... Read More »

Rear hub skewer?

So i will be using a regular cassette free hub body with an ss cog and spacers in a soma juice. The wheels have QR skewers but I want something a little more secure in the rear. Kind of new to this. What can fit that will hold in place? Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkRead More »

QR skewer messed up?

i think i messed up the skewer on my 2011 recoil comp cause i over tightened it today and while doing some jumps at the local parks sand dunes i heard a snap than the rear wheel came off with the skewer still in tact i tried re tightening it but no luck i checked the dropouts they show no signs of w ... Read More »

Help! Dumb-ass amateur biker here broke the front and back wheel skewer handle

Okay so it starts with me needing new brake pads, and i looked over the entire town and found them. I came home and took of my back wheel and i noticed that the pads were fine. So i put it back on and I tightened the handle so damn tight, it's like a death grip. I couldnt lock the handle so I grabbe ... Read More »

Camber 29er Rear Skewer Issue

Got my 2012 Specialized Camber 29er new in April. Love the bike, but twice now the rear skewer has come completely loose from the frame, resulting in the rear wheel locking up and injury. Lucky it wasn't serious last night. There is no nut on the axle, just the quick release lever and threads ... Read More »

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