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Velocity Triple V Rim

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Product Description

Designed to meet the needs of the masses. Reliable and priced within everyone’s budget.

36 Holes

Weight 485g ERD = 547

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Triple Clamp on a Killer V

I know its stupid, pointless, silly, whatever.... Looking for intelligent thought out responses. I have a Killer V frame and a Moto FR fork sitting around, and was wondering if the KV frame could handle it at the headtube. I've read a few things about triple clamps breaking frames, but is this d ... Read More »

Double v. Triple Cranks?

I recently realized that some people are running double cranks instead of the standard 3 that come on many bikes. Does anyone have a good source for information as to the advantages of double cranks? Does converting to double require a new front derailer and/or rear cassette as well?Read More »

Double chain ring v triple on "all mtn. bike"

I'm not really in the market YET for an "all mountain bike". I've noticed that a majority of 'em come with a triple chainring while some of them only come with a double...44/32/22 v 36/24. When riding up in the hills, I usually only use the middle and small and really the only time I use the big c ... Read More »

Read More »




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