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Fulcrum Red Metal 1 Rim

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pinging noise from Fulcrum Red Metal 1

I have a pair of Fulcrum Red Metal 1 XL wheels. I'm using these wheels for almost 1,5 year now and the last couple of months the wheels are making a 'pinging' sound when I'm up on the pedals, when I'm climbing and putting a lot of sideway stress on the wheels. The noise seems to be coming from where ... Read More »

Question about older Red Metal 1 hubs

Hello people, I've got a "delicate" question for someone that has a bit more insight into these wheels. I own a 2008, or 2009 version of RM1, and as they look kinda identical to any newer version, I am interested are they also industrial bearings or "normal" conus ones? I've been thinking it's in ... Read More »

Fulcrum Red Metal 1 XL - Actual Weight

I picked up a set of these from Chainlove and weighed them before mounting them. Fulcrum says they weigh 1650 grams, unbelievably, they were actually 1629 grams. I haven't had a good ride on them yet, but they feel nice and stiff under my clyde weight.Read More »

2011 models: Easton Haven, Crossmax ST or Red Metal 1 XL

In a dilemma right now, currently in a Hope Pro 2 with Flow rims and DT spokes currently weighing in the 1.88 Kg range. I would like a bling, light and a true blooded UST wheelset (not those which needs to use conversion strips ) . I need a front 20mm T/A wheels and a QR rear. here's my take: Eas ... Read More »

Fulcrum Red Metal 1 vs CB Cobalt

Looking for a stiff, strong, fast engaging, fast rolling wheelset to replace some heavier WTB Dual Duties I have now. Looking at getting a new wheelset for my Kona Daw Deluxe, and am trying to choose between the Fulcrum Red Metal 1 and Crank Brothers Cobalt. Most of the riding I do is Midwest XC, bu ... Read More »

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