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DT Swiss RR 465 Rim

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Ever break a spoke mid-ride? Never a pleasant moment. Better hope that those low spoke count wheels don't break one when you're in the middle of nowhere on a chilly, dreary day. It's not exactly a secret that those wheels aren't going to roll through the brakes, even open, for more than a mile or two. Like the four-bolt stem faceplate, a certain redundancy is a good thing. The more spokes, the less load each carries, the less essential each spoke is. This isn't to scare, but point out one of the many things we like about traditional box-section clincher rims like this DT RR 465 rim. We might not race them anymore, but they're light, durable, and can take years of daily riding. And with a light rim, the wheel accelerates nicely. People sometimes think they build into heavy wheels, but the DT RR 1450 uses the 465 rim and builds up into a 640g front wheel. Pretty light.The DT RR 465 rim comes in 32 hole. It's double eyeletted, meaning the eyelets incorporate both the inner and outer wall of the rim -- making it super strong and resistant to spoke-hole failure. The rim is 19.4mm wide and 20.4mm tall. The rim joint has Strength Boost Welding Technology (SBWT) which means that two small sleeves are pressed into the rim ends, the joint is welded, then the seam and sidewalls is CNC machined to create a perfectly uniform braking surface. There are wear indicators in the brake tracks; when they're gone, the rim is getting dangerously thin. The rim is anodized black.

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