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3.21/5 (19 Reviews)
MSRP : $370.00

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by mohouli a Weekend Warrior from glendale, California, USA

Date Reviewed: February 20, 2009

Strengths:    The hubs rolls and rolls....

Weaknesses:    I heard the the freehub is shimano Ultegra so it's not water proof

Bottom Line:   
I love these hubs, they roll almost like rolling uphill.

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Favorite Trail:   Lukens

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $170.00

Purchased At:   forgot

Similar Products Used:   Campagnolo, Shimano XT, WTB laserdisc, Mavic Crossmax,

Bike Setup:   Hard tail, with xt derailleurs and shifters, Suntour xc pro crank, Ritchey stuff, and tnt hubs

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Robert Carmen a Racer from Granby, MA

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2003

Strengths:    light - lasted me 9 years. Lot's of rides, races, drops, New England roughness.

Weaknesses:    The company is gone.

Bottom Line:   
TNT HDS -Hard Drive Series HUB (Not LTS) Very light, Easily maintainable and adjustable, interchangeable Bearings in Front & Rear Size 6903 Cartridge Bearing. Can find Bearings for $7.00 if you look hard enough. Nice People used to work there too - Andy. They're out of business now though.

After 9 years on these hubs the front hub finally broke. However, I didn't know you were not supposed to radial lace them. Had I known, it wouldnt have broke & I'd still be using it. I have probably 40 races on these and hundreds of rides. I do 3 - 5 foot drops, logs, and I beat the crap out of em. Get this - I'm still using the rear hub, so what's that tell you?

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Favorite Trail:   West Hartford Resevoir, CT

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $75.00

Purchased At:   From a friend

Similar Products Used:   nothing else.

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Rob Campbell a Racer from Kensington, MD

Date Reviewed: January 1, 2003

Strengths:    Light weight

Weaknesses:    Not reliable. Had been riding a road bike with a rear wheel built around a TNT hub. Worked fine for years, then the other day the blue alumunium threaded part that affixes the free hub to the hub body broke off at the hub shell.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find replacement parts?

I realize this is a long shot particularly considering the following:
-Email to tnt@tntperformance.com is bouncing
-All phone numbers I have are disconnected
-The TNT web site (linked off many shop sites) is now a porn site

In case anyone cares, the hub is built into a very nice wheel that I would like to save with the least amount of effort.

Bottom Line:   

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Favorite Trail:   Patapsco

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Rico a Cross Country Rider from Angwin, CA

Date Reviewed: November 5, 2000

Strengths:    Really light.

Weaknesses:    Bearings were too small. They finally exploded on the rear non-drive side in the middle of a ride. Had to return 16 miles riding with the metal grinding on the metal.

Bottom Line:   
This review concerns the 1994 version of the TNT hubs. They were really light. The Ultegra freehub body they used had no seals to speak of and dirt plugged it up quickly. Also, at least on this version of the hubs the bearing holding cups were so tight they compressed the bearings to the point that they felt grindy and rough even when brand new. The hubs were incredibly difficult to disassemble for cleaning and finally the rear non-drive side bearing exploded in the middle of the ride, sending the bearings to the 4 winds. That never happened with my 1990 XT hubs which have seen more than 10 years of non-stop use on another bike of mine. I wouldn't recommend these overall unless they have radically changed the design. 2-Chilies for weight.

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Favorite Trail:   Palisades

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $260.00

Purchased At:   LBS

Similar Products Used:   XT Hubs, Chris King

Bike Setup:   '92 Litespeed with Ti components and R-Shox Indy fork.

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Markus from Trail BC

Date Reviewed: May 20, 2000

Strengths:    wide, light, wicked bearings

Weaknesses:    Flipp'n flange

Bottom Line:   
This front hub spins like butter. The smoothest front hub ever. I can put my steed on its back, spin the front tire, go take a shower, come back and the wheel is spinning. Crazy! Too bad the the flange just decided to leave two of my spokes hang'n around. Damn thing broke when when i was trying to improve my lack of skills. It seems to follow the same story lines as the following reviews. Two years later and the flange breaks after a period of no riding. At least it sounds like the company is relatively easy to deal with. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them?
(e-mail: mmac@hotmail.com)
And no, the hub was not radially laced. And yes, it was built by the best. Mikey J., Scared Ride, Rossland BC. I thought i'd plug him cuze now i need a free wheel build.

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Favorite Trail:   "the brown zone"

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Similar Products Used:   various Shimano

Bike Setup:   Rocky Mountain D.H. t.o., Z1 BAM (5"), assorted Race Face, RooX Stem and bar, Mavic D521, Gazzaloddi Jr. (front) and Rokko (rear), full XT

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by larry wilson a Cross Country Rider from austin,tx.,u.s.a.

Date Reviewed: March 24, 2000

Strengths:    crazy light

Weaknesses:    rim flange breaks (twice!)

Bottom Line:   
i have also had a wheelset built with tnt that broke the rim flange. don't radial lace even the non drive side rear. also had a cross one 24 spoke front break today. they have been used twice before a couple years ago and that's it. they were built properly so be prepared for the consequences when if you keep a set for very long.

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Favorite Trail:   any

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Similar Products Used:   none

Bike Setup:   24 spoke front, 28 back

Overall Rating:3
Submitted by Hong Lee a Cross-Country Rider from College Place, WA

Date Reviewed: June 1, 1999

it is a light weight hubs! Good customer service.

A lot!
Well, I used set of TNT hubs for my roadbike (slingshot w/26in wheels)
I laced up front one with radial laced. It worked okay for two-years then I stopped riding that bike altogether and it was at the display at the shop I worked at for about six month. One day, the flange of the hub broke and made big ping! sound... I think it is due to stress it got from riding (I put about 2000 miles during that 2 yr period...) From what I understand, you are not supposed to radial-lace the front wheel but I did it anyway... and it broke...
DO NOT radial lace front hub! IT WILL BREAK SOONER OR LATER!
on the other hand my rear hub is fine 3X and 2X on non-drive side setup...

Bottom Line:   
light weight hubs that needs good wheel builder... As long as it is properly tensioned and maintained you wont have problem with breakge.
(I did stupid thing on my wheel, good thing it broke while in display... )

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Favorite Trail:   
anything in Sunvalley, ID

Duration Product Used:   
more than 3 years

Similar Products Used:   
XTR, American-Classic, white-industries, XT, LX, Nuke-Proof (another hub almost broke on me 2X front setup.)

Bike Setup:   
Slingshot rd 26in wheels
Dura-Ace STI 8spd
MAVIC OPEN4CD 26in rims, w/Michelin Hi-Lite tires)

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by ride guy a Racer from windsor Ontario

Date Reviewed: April 5, 1999

Bottom Line:   
has never done me wrong this hub is stupid lite (front hub) My front wheel is nearly none existant in the weight departement but very stong in the boomproof departementI would give it 10 out of 5 if a could

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Duration Product Used:   
2 Years

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by maTT a racer from minnesota

Date Reviewed: November 1, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Incredible. I love the TNT hubs that I have on my bike. The are awesomley light, and have lasted for two years of XC racing. Check the bearings regularly though. The can come loose easily though and need to be replaced eavery year if you ride over 2000 miles a year like I do. The bearings are very small and there are few of them which is waht makes these hubs so light.

Overall Rating:3
Submitted by Bruce a cross-country rider from Ferndale, CA

Date Reviewed: July 3, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I have used the hub since about '94 and stopped using it in '97. The fitting that holds the freewheel side axle bearing broke. It was made with aluminum. The manufacturer replaced it with a titanium one. The bearings are too exposed to the elements and go bad frequently. I also think the axle is too thin and flexy for off road use. I have gone to XTR. I think for rear wheels the larger bearings of conventional bearing hubs can handle the abuse better. Its also easier to maintain and the bearings are stainless, unlike cartridge bearings (I don't like to use the term sealed bearings, conventional hubs have sealed bearings too). You can't beat the titanium axle and freehub for under a $100, I think I paid $85. A lot of manufacturers use the Shimano freehub anyways.TNT has good customer service and I appreciate the courage these American cottage industries standup to the plate.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Frank Petty from racer

Date Reviewed: April 5, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Stay away from these hubs. Both front and rear are going to give you fits.I have had mine for four years.The rear has gone through 6 free hub bodies. they use Shimano Ultegra 600 free hubs instead of a more dirt worthy xt or xtr. And five sets of bearings.The front was a little more kind, I only needed to replace four sets of bearings. Take into mind that these were my race wheels and only saw action on race day. Compleat CRAP.If you want hubs and wheels that last,get some Sun /Ringle wheels.Zero problems after thousands of miles of New England mud, rocks and roots.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by joe a cross-country rider from Lawrence, KS

Date Reviewed: February 16, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I've had a TNT HDS hub up front for two years and it's still running smooth and great! I have had no problems with it. It requires very little maintenance and seems to keep out grime and water pretty well (I have yet to take it apart for a thorough overhaul despite putting lots of off-road miles on it!). I give it 5 stars-- great product! Too bad TNT stopped making the BB with 4 sets of cartridge bearings.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Fullmoon-Dave a cross-country rider from PHX.,AZ

Date Reviewed: February 7, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I am on my third season on a pair of TNT HDS hubs and have nothing but good to say about them. The fromt hub is radially-laced and the rear is cross-three on the drive side and cross-one on the non-drive. It has proven to be a rock solid build for me, never had to true the front wheel at all and the rear only twice in three seassons of nasty riding. I think the wheel build is critical in any hub-wheel setup and Probably accounts for all the troubles listed in the other reviews on this page. Solution: Have a professional build your wheels, not someone who got lucky once or twice with someone elses wheels. I have raceds and thrashed these hubs over trails in Moab and Sedona so don't blame your problems on poor set-up.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Theo Smit a cross-country rider from Calgary, Canada

Date Reviewed: September 22, 1997

Bottom Line:   

Well, my TNT XLS hubset have just finished their first season and I have nothing to complain about. The initial install was a little tricky because the cassette (LX 8 speed) assembly was a little thinner than the width of the freewheel hub (weird, since the hub is supposed to be an Ultegra piece). Anyway, I ground the splines on the hub down to eliminate the play and it's been tight all summer. I had to re-adjust the bearing preload once, after the second race I did, and about 600 km total. For the front hub, adjustment of the bearings requires a 0.050 Allen key, which is a bit of a pain, but I haven't had to do anything so far.My wheel specs: TNT XLS hubs, 32 hole, Ritchey Logic 1.8 - 1.5 mm spokes, aluminum nipples, Syncros 380 gram hoops. Rim tape, Specialized Turbo Ultralite tubes, and Specialized Ground Control/Ground master round out my setup for this summer. Light, light, light. I can't describe how responsive the whole setup is. Periodic spoke tightening/adjustment is required, though.Pros: Looks great, super light, low maintenance, reasonably priced compared to other aftermarket hubs.
Cons: Initial fiddling required to install, you have to supply the Allen key for the front hub.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by nick negrini a racer from maple grove,mn usa

Date Reviewed: April 30, 1997

Bottom Line:   

great hubs love them especially the ti axle ones perfact 5.0

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