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The Hive QR Front Hub Hub

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Product Description

Designed to match the unique style of the SS Disc Hub, the MTB Disc Front QR hub not only provides a platform for a better disc wheel, it’s hollow carbon shell allows our engineers to minimize weight.

  • Precision Japanese ball bearings
  • 32 holes; 100mm spacing
  • 160 grams
  • Color : Silver/Carbon Fiber

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    Standard Length of Thru Bolt (w/QR lever) for 15mm Thru Front Hub

    Is there a standard length for thru bolts w/QR levers for 15mm front disc hubs, or does it depend on the manufacturer of the fork? Does 142.5mm sound right? If you have one and wouldn't mind measuring it real quick, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!Read More »

    Fatback bolt-on front hub to QR

    I'll preface this by saying I am a crappy bike mechanic. I've got a circa 2010 aluminum Fatback with import Fatback hubs, both front and back are currently bolted on. I picked up a 135mm Salsa QR skewer with the hope of popping the bolts off of the front hub and popping in the skewer - length seems ... Read More »

    Anyone have an extra front hub (QR) hanging around?

    I'm looking to swap either my current hub or some other parts (seat, post, bar, etc; some roadie stuff, too) so I can convert a front wheel from 15mm thru to QR. Current hub is a DT340. Whatchya got? (Or, I suppose while I'm at it, I could swap my Reba fork (and some parts) for a 15mm fork ... Read More »

    Wanted: bits to convert front Ellsworth hub to 9mm QR

    I have a set of Ells wheels and the front hub is 15mm QR. Does anyone have the end caps and perhaps the skewers to switch this hub to 9mm? Thanks in AdvanceRead More »

    Trouble locating thru-bolt 9mm or 10mm solid axle front disc hub (to fit in QR fork)

    All evidence seems to indicate a 20mm front axle is stiffer than 15mm, which is better than 9mm bolt through which can then be better than QR. A great breakdown one the various types I found here: [url]http://forums.mtbr.com/wheels-tires/hubs-axles-confused-707573.html[/url] SO, wheres all the ... Read More »

    Read More »




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