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SRAM X7 Front Hub

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Product Description

Whether your joy comes from barreling downhill, or tearing up to the top, SRAM's X7 hubs will leave a smile on your face. An aluminum hubshell with...

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Sram X7 front mech prob

I purchased a 650b all mountain bike that comes with sram x7 front mech. every 1 to 3 times after ridding I have to a adjust the x7 front mech. the lbs changed it to a new x7 front mech however it did not resolve the problem. Is this a common problem with sram front mech?Read More »

front derailleur, X7, X9, X0 and changing chainring size?

I went from a 28/38 to a 22/32. Will the X7 front der work ok with that or do I need to go to an X0 to get the "all mountain" version for the lower gears? "All-Mountain (AM) offerings optimized for optional 22/36t and/or 24/38t gearing " I have X5 shifters.Read More »

Front hub: Surly Ultra New or SRAM X7

I just built up a 32h rear wheel with 29" Velocity Blunt 35 rim and Surly Ultra New disc hub. It is now time to gather up the parts for the front wheel build. I plan to use a Blunt 35 on the front. The Surly Ultra New disc front hub would be nice to match the rear but am considering a SRAM X7 dis ... Read More »

Trek Remedy with Sram X7 in front, Sram X9 in back with Spram x7 shifters - 10 spd

When I am in the center sprocket up front and go into the largest and last sprocket in the back, it does not want to hold in that gear when a pedal hard, it wants to go down on gear on the cassette. I don't know if it is my front derailleur or back derailleur causing the issue, all the other gears ... Read More »

Gary Fisher X-Caliber Front Shifter X7 : Deore

I recently picked up a used X-Caliber and was having a heck of time getting my front derailleur aligned. Finally took it to my LBS and they told me it was because "somebody" had switched out components and that I can't run a Shimano derailleur and a SRAM shifter. They swapped it out for a basic ... Read More »

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