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9speed hub compatible w/ 10 speed cassette?

I have an XTR hub from 2009 and it has 9 speed on it. I want to upgrade to 10 speed and I hope to be able to use the same wheels (cassette body). Will a new 10 speed cassette work on a 9 speed cassette hub? Thanks in advance!Read More »

New ZTR hub - QR or Thru-axle

I just picked up a rear wheel with ZTR hubs. It came with a QR skewer and the freehub side is 9mm skewer compatible. However, the disc brake side has a larger opening (for thru-axle?). Is this standard/typical and what needs to be done to have it work with a QR skewer?Read More »

does anyone use an internal geared rear hub for cyclocross ?

or are they too heavy or improperly spaced ? it seems like a 3 speed could offer : a granny gear a gear which equals your fixed -single speed. and 1 gear for any downhill or higher speed section.Read More »

If you are looking for older 4 hole hub Discs try BrakeStuff

I am not sure if this has been posted, but these guys offer 4 hole Discs for Cannondale, Formula, Rohloff, and Hadley: [url=http://www.shop.brake-stuff.de/]Willkommen im WebShop der BrakeSTUFF Company - Braking with Style! - BrakeSTUFF Webshop[/url] Thought this may be of interest to some of ... Read More »

Ebb vs eccentric hub vs tensioner

What have you tried, what do you prefer and why? I'm looking for something that's easy to set up and durable under a lot of torque. I've used chain tensioners in the past which work well for about half a season and then the spring start to loosen. Its cheap but doesnt look as nice aestetically. ... Read More »

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