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Kappius Looking To Kickstart Hub Production

Innovative hub maker Kappius Components has launched an updated version of its unique road and mountain hubs. Now they’re seeking financial backing to begin manufacturing. Find out how you can help.   Read More »

News: Easton Offers Free Hub Upgrade Kit

Easton has announced a bearing upgrade for its M1-series rear hubs to boost durability and make the hubs compatible with the popular rear thru-axle systems. Easton currently uses these hubs in its EC90 XC, EA90 XC, EC70 Trail, Haven, Haven Carbon, Havoc, and EA90 XD wheelsets. The first change is ...    Read More »

Pacenti DL31 Rim And Hadley Hub Wheelset

Introduction by Francis Cebedo We did a review on Pacenti TL28 wheel built up with a Chris King hubset HERE. Here is follow-on review to a rim that is wider since these days, wider IS better. It allows the tire to have a wider, more secure and stable contact patch. Pacenti knows a little bit abo ...    Read More »

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9speed hub compatible w/ 10 speed cassette?

I have an XTR hub from 2009 and it has 9 speed on it. I want to upgrade to 10 speed and I hope to be able to use the same wheels (cassette body). Will a new 10 speed cassette work on a 9 speed cassette hub? Thanks in advance!Read More »

New ZTR hub - QR or Thru-axle

I just picked up a rear wheel with ZTR hubs. It came with a QR skewer and the freehub side is 9mm skewer compatible. However, the disc brake side has a larger opening (for thru-axle?). Is this standard/typical and what needs to be done to have it work with a QR skewer?Read More »

does anyone use an internal geared rear hub for cyclocross ?

or are they too heavy or improperly spaced ? it seems like a 3 speed could offer : a granny gear a gear which equals your fixed -single speed. and 1 gear for any downhill or higher speed section.Read More »

If you are looking for older 4 hole hub Discs try BrakeStuff

I am not sure if this has been posted, but these guys offer 4 hole Discs for Cannondale, Formula, Rohloff, and Hadley: [url=http://www.shop.brake-stuff.de/]Willkommen im WebShop der BrakeSTUFF Company - Braking with Style! - BrakeSTUFF Webshop[/url] Thought this may be of interest to some of ... Read More »

Ebb vs eccentric hub vs tensioner

What have you tried, what do you prefer and why? I'm looking for something that's easy to set up and durable under a lot of torque. I've used chain tensioners in the past which work well for about half a season and then the spring start to loosen. Its cheap but doesnt look as nice aestetically. ... Read More »

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