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hubs feature four (4) sealed cartridge bearings with six (6) oversize pawls that engage simultaneously to guarantee instant forward motion

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Singlespeed specific rear hubs?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and didn't find anything really. Is there a width difference between a standard rear hub and a singlespeed specific rear hub? Furthermore, will a singlespeed rear hub fit my Carve SL frame that came equipped with a standard hub rear wheel ? JakeRead More »

Strength vs. Cost: Singlespeed specific rear hubs, worth it?

I'm looking to upgrade my wheelset, and I seem to notice a significant price increase in single speed specific rear hubs. I understand there's a solid strength gain (mostly impact related) due to less "dishing" of the rear wheel, but I'm not quite sure if the (nearly double on average, from what I'm ... Read More »

Chris King cogs on I9 singlespeed hubs...

Anyone have any experience with this combination? I just received a shiny new Chris King 20t cog and discovered it will not fit my new I9 rear singlespeed hub. Before I go needlessly complaining to I9 about something which I may not fully understand, I simply wanted to ask in this forum about po ... Read More »

Singlespeed Hubs and Chainline

New to the singlespeed world here. I'm not used to measuring chainline, bb length, q-factor, etc., so please be patient with me on this. I've used only geared bikes for the past ten years. I'm looking to get a wheelset built with Surly Hubs for a Surly 1X1 build. How do I determine what my chainl ... Read More »

Why are "singlespeed" hubs "bolt on"?

I've been wondering about this for a while. My understanding is that quick-releases can provide anywhere from about 700-1400 LBS of clamping force (depending on manufacturer and QR-style), which is considerably more than can be applied with either tradition nutted axles (full length axle with track/ ... Read More »

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