WTB Weirwolf TCS 29er Tire

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WTB Weirwolf TCS Failures?

I normally wouldn't make a post like this but I was wndering if anyone else has had issues with the 2.1 TCS Weirwolf tires. 2 months ago my rear tire started bulging out where the bead enters the rim, almost like what you see when the sidewall fails on a radial tire. I thought it weird the tire ... Read More »

Weirwolf 2.1 TCS 120 TPI casing XC . .What the hell are you?!

OK.... I've been out of this for a minute so help an old man out. I bought and ran Weirwolf UST tires on my 26 inch wheels.(on Mavic Crossmax)..Bought them in 2009 or so. Love, love , love these tires, (even though I had to pump them before every ride) They seem worn out now so I looked to r ... Read More »

WTB TCS Weirwolf wont mount on Bonty TLR rim

Darn bead is just too tight. Can't get the second side mounted more than 3/4. Busticated 2 tire levers. I have tried soapy water, Vaseline, leaving it out in the sun.....nothing works. Every time I try and push up the last 1/4, it pops off somewhere else. And to make matters worse I can't ev ... Read More »

WTB TCS Weirwolf vs Bronson

I've been running 2.3 TCS Weirwolfs for a couple of years now and think they're awesome! Grip, roll fast, and not one flat. Fantastic tire 95% of the time. Issues I've had: [LIST=1] [*]Slow speed technical DH wash out's. At speed these tires never fail because I get into the corners hard. ... Read More »

WTB Weirwolf 2.5 TCS 29er tire - which rims are compatible?

I just bought a set of these and dinged a rim (American Classic MTB) trying to get one on. These things are crazy tight. I did manage to get it on a different rim (velocity blunt) and it was still crazy tight. The other odd thing was that a 2.2 Racing Ralph was a touch fatter than this 2.5 Weirwol ... Read More »

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