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Need a new 29er tire

I'm looking for a new 29er tire. Currently using Maxxis Ignitor 2.1". These were OK, buy really want some more comfort and use a 2.4". Any other good options besides a Maxxis Ardent? Usually ride on sand. And I want to stock with inner tubes. Don't like the idea of a conversion set.Read More »

Sette Razzo 29er Max Tire Width =/= 2.2"

I thought this deserved a special thread since some people are probably turned off by Sette listing the max tire width as 29 x 2.2" on the carbon 29er Razzo. I installed Geax Gato tires on a Stans Arch EX rim and there is PLENTY of clearance. Given the clearance, I could easily mount a 2.4" tire o ... Read More »

Nice AM 29er tire combo

Just spent 3 days on the North Umpqua Trail. We rode on nearly every type of trail surface -- hardpack, wet rocks, jagged rocks, loose scrabble, loose over hardpack, just about everything except slickrock. I was real happy with this tire combination on my Lurcher: Front -- On One Chunky Monkey 2. ... Read More »

I'm looking for tire for the 29er....What tire width should I look for? 2.1 or 2.25 ?

I'm looking for tires for the geared 29er....What tire width should I look for? 2.1 or 2.25 ? I'm 135LBs and doing single/double tracks XC from Summer to Winter. I'm located in Toronto, Canada. The tires will be Racing Ralph on the rear and Rocket Ron on the front. Thanks....Read More »

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