Intense 29er MTB 29er Tire

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System 29’s huge air volume makes it an excellentTrailTire, capable oftackling gnarlyTerrain withTotal confidence.TheTread patternprovideslow rolling resistance and plenty of hook up. All-conditionsTire Uses C3 compound which is durable and grips extremely well 698 grams (approx)

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Roadie joining the 29er MTB world...Seeking recommendations...

Well I'm taking the plunge. I've been seeking an off road bike to add some diversity to my training as well as something I can commute on when the weather gets bad. I was originally looking into a fat bike, but seeing as I live win NW Arkansas and NOT the Rockies or Minnesota, I settled on a 29er ... Read More »

29er MTB or Hybrid?

Hello, I wanted to buy a bike for casual riding, mostly i'll be riding canal ways nd.maybe once in a while just going on the grass(plain grass won't have any sticks or stones). My mum said I can have the coyote everglade 29er [url= ... Read More »


[url=]2 SALSA GORDO WIDE 29er DISC MTB RIMS, BLACK 35mm, STILL NEW, OUT OF PRODUCTION - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url]Read More »

Fork help for 29er n00b (not mtb n00b mind you..)

I've been wanting a Salsa El Mariachi for a while now, and I just picked up a frame! I've been mtbing on my rigid 26er for a few years now, and getting more and more into it. Anyway, the year old SLX group from my 26 is going to the salsa. For the salsa, I have transmission, like I said, stan's whee ... Read More »

Which 29er MTB would be recommended for my budget?

I am new into the sport, and am completely ignorant. Trying to keep it under 700$ max and looking for a 29er [IMG][/IMG] Felt Nine80 29er Specialized Hardrock 29er disk Novara Torero 29er Trek 3700 diskRead More »

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