Specialized Auto Sag Rear Shock

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AutoSag uses an existing transfer port found on the outer air can of Fox’s Float shocks but adds an additional ring type chamber with a second valve. This allows for the negative chamber to be bled, and under a rider’s full weight the bleed sets a fixed sag – in this case 20 percent – based on its engineered location.

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Float volume spacers on Enduro auto sag shock

Has anyone tried to install the Fox volume spacers on this shock? Can the air can be removed and reinstalled without messing anything up?Read More »

Paid Spam: Fox Float CTD shock with Auto-sag for Spec. Enduro...

I took the shock off of my 2013 Enduro and upgraded to the CC DB Air. Here is a link to the Fox:[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=84153]Fox Float CTD Shock from 2013 Spec. Enduro Expert Carbon - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] Also, I have a br ... Read More »

Auto sag for the first time!?!

Just picked up a camber comp carbon with fox ctd with auto sag Took the shock to 300 psi sat on bike took off red cap pushed down on little button as it released air and blue oily stuff.... What did I do wrong!?!Read More »

Specialized/Fox Shock w/ Auto Sag

Anyone running the Fox Shock with the Auto Sag? If so, how often do you set the sag?Read More »

Specialized/Fox Shock w/ Auto Sag

Anyone else running a Fox Shock with the Auto Sag? If so, how often do you reset the sag?Read More »

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