RockShox Ario 1.1 Rear Shock

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Product Description

  • Rebound Damping: Dual Flow
  • Spring: Solo Air
  • Spring Adjust: Spring Via Air Pressure
  • Chassis: 28mm Hard Anodized Aluminum Body

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RS bar 2.1 v RS ario 2.2

Hi, I currently have a bar 2.1 on my bike which is pretty rubbish but gets me through my rides, just seen an Ario 2.2 for sale going cheap, is this a substantial upgrade or am I just replacing bad with bad?Read More »

Noisy rear end...RockShox Ario 2.1

I have a 2010 Felt Compulsion 3 with the Rockshock Ario 2.1 rear shock. *****en bike, love it..... Sag is set about 1" while I am sitting on the bike. Rebound/compression set to full "slow" on the dial. The compression is quiet, but on rebound I hear the shock on every stroke. Sounds like air ... Read More »

Rockshox Ario 2.1 on my Felt Compulsion

Brand new bike, 2010 Felt Compulsion with the the Ario 2.1 rear shock. After the first ride the o-ring that shows length of travel on the piston seamed to be a bit moist with oil. It was dry prior to the ride. This is my first Air Shock. is this normal? Seams to hold pressure and dampening/reboun ... Read More »

Should I bother to pay $53 to upgrade from a Bar 1.1 to an Ario 2.1?

OK, here my situation: I am looking at 2 KHS frames for my wife's new build: the XC204 and the XC604. They are identical frames other than the color and rear shock. The one with the RS Bar 1.1 is $387, and the one with the Ario 2.1 is $440. Now, I am pretty sure that she/we are not going to be ... Read More »

Please Help!! RockShox ARIO 2.1 leak

[B][/B]So I just bought a RockShox Ario 2.1 on Ebay. The jerk who sold it to me said that it was taken "off a new bike" so I figured it was just an OE take off and in good condition. Well right after I ordered the hardware mounts I filled it with not even 50 PSI of air and decided to give it the 'ol ... Read More »

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