Marzocchi Roco LO Rear Shock

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  • Lock out
  • Rebound
  • Adjustable air spring

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Marzocchi Roco Lo - Too Progressive!

so ive been runnning a Marzocchi Roco Lo on my Meta 5 for a few months now.. and really liking it.. the shock only is supposed to be a 57mm but.. only gives 53mm of travel without any air in and hasn't ever gone over 50mm and that was a huge hit (this is fine though as the Meta 5 is designed to r ... Read More »

Fox Polymer mounting hardware on a Marz Roco LO

Hi all, I just got a new rear shock for my SC Nickel. It's a Marz Roco LO. My old shock is a 2012/2013 Fox Float RL with the polymer mounting hardware. I've heard conflicting opinions if the hardware is transferable. Has anyone had experience doing this? What I found is I can press (with a rubber ... Read More »

Convert Roco Air Lo shock length & stroke ??

I have an 8.5" X 2.5" Marzocchi Roco Air Lo rear shock from a prior bike. Is there any way to convert it to a 7.875" X 2.25" configuration for my current frame I am building up? I am not afraid of taking thing apart to make this work because I really liked this shock. I am hoping it is just a mat ... Read More »

RIP with a Roco Air Lo DC or WB Fluid 150?

Just wondering, is anyone running their RIP 9 with a Marzocchi Roco Air Lo DC (just picked one up used) or a White Brothers Fluid 150? It seems like most people are either running the RP23 (which sucks for my 240 lbs - its OK after being sent out and "tuned" for my weight) or a Rockshox Monarch.. ... Read More »

Marzocchi Roco Lo Lockout failure

I just bought a used bike and it came with Marzocchi Roco Lo shocks. It has a red lever you flip and it's suppose to lock the shock. but it's doesn't lock the shock in either direction. Am I doing something wrong? There's enough air pressure in the shock. I can't tell what it is.Read More »

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