Surly 1X1 29er Forks

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CroMolyTubing, butted blades Suspension-corrected for 80mmTravel forks, fits wide 2.7

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Will a 65m rim fit in the back of a Surly 1x1?

Hey everyone! Basically I've bought a Surly 1x1 (it's yet to arrive) and I was going to turn it into a 26x3" fixie, inspired by this thread: [url][/url] but I'm confused, some people are saying 65mm rims will fit and some are saying they won' ... Read More »

Build out on Surly 1x1 for mountain and city fun (first time caller)

Giddier than a schoolboy on xmas having just bought a used Surly 1x1 for snow commuting in Denver, looking for some advice on a build-out... I like the SS setup for daily use and would like a second wheel option with a fixie hub, mostly for kicking around town but also on especially snowy days when ... Read More »

1x1 and Alfine: Chainstay Clearance?

Hello, I'm planning on converting my 1x1 into a belt drive with an Alfine hub, but I'm worried about the chainstay clearance for the front sprocket. The chainline on the Alfine is 41.5mm (44.85mm with Belt Sprocket). In order to match that chainline in the front, my front sprocket (67.4mm radius) w ... Read More »

Surly 1x1 Belt Drive Conversion Questions

[FONT=arial]Hey there, I'm looking for a winter project and was thinking of doing something with my Surly 1x1 Anniversary Edition. I don't ride it too much anymore and wanted to do some experiments... So far, here's what I plan on getting:[/FONT][INDENT][FONT=arial][COLOR=#000000]Surly Rabbit Hole ... Read More »

1x1 650b Rigid fork options

Anyone have experience with what carbon forks work with Surly 1x1 with 650 wheels?Read More »

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