Manitou Minute Expert 29er Forks

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Manitou Minute Expert tapered 15-D 29

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Manitou Minute Expert?

Where can I buy one. I need a 100mm one for my 26" HT, 1 1/8 Steerer. I've Googled like crazy but nobody seems to have one. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks all. LennyRead More »

Manitou Minute Expert fork - Tight Troubleshooting help

I have a 2013 Manitou Minute Fork. 100 mm "Expert" version with ACT air and Absoloute+. My fork has gotten very tight. Even with zero air I get pretty much no sag or travel from it. The lock out works and will lock it out and going full loose allows some travel, 10-20 mm of stiff hard movement ... Read More »

Manitou Minute Expert - Change 130mm to 120mm

I've am finding that using a 130mm (in range of the original spec) is makeing the bike feel a bit too slack at times. I have read somewhere that some forks can have the travel reduced by removing shims(?). Is this possible with my fork and if so, how difficult is it to do and to undo in case I don ... Read More »

Manitou Minute Expert Fork PSI Limit ?

I was wandering if the 50 psi limit applies to the fork when using the Firm spring. The chart on the fork has 50 psi for a 220 lb rider with the stock spring. I purchased the firm spring and have found that at 50 psi I can adjust the Absolute+ to get the firmness and sag I need. I weigh 245 lbs a ... Read More »

Spring system in the 2013 Manitou Minute Expert

My hardtail needs a new fork, the type of riding I do is long muddy xc rides and quite often dirt jumping/freeride stuff...I gather that the manitou minute expert would be a good choice for me but could anyone tell me how the spring system it air? coil? or both? Will I be able to easily a ... Read More »

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