Jones Truss 29er Forks

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This is, currently, as good as it gets. The titaniumTruss fork delivers the rigid bicycle that is anything but. Laterally stiff to deliver the power with a vertical compliance that softens the ride? Yes, but this is only the icing on the cake. The Jones geometry ensures the best handling bike there is. It really does need to be ridden to appreciate it. Titanium, used here, provides strength, stiffness and compliance in a light, durable bike. The Jones geometry makes it all worthwhile. The steel Truss fork produces a ride that is stiffer than the titanium version but smoother than the Diamond steel model. The tubes used can be smaller than the Ti versions as steel is stiffer and this then allows the flex to be carefully managed to deliver efficiency and comfort.

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Looking to check out a Jones Space Frame w/ Truss fork

Does anyone in the East Bay (I live in Oakland) happen to have one of these bikes? I would love to swing by and check it out first hand, especially if it has a Fat Front tire. PM me with details if you are willing.Read More »

custom steel or jones diamond+truss

Forgive me if this has been asked before (and then after forgiving me please point me to the old thread cuz I couldn't find one) are there any custom steel frame builders who make a bike with handling characteristics similar to the Jones? Specifically the Jones diamond and truss combo. I'm sure ... Read More »

jones diamond w/ truss fork as SS. weight?

i'm really intrigued by the Jones diamond frame with truss fork and would like to run it ss but the weight seems a bit on the hefty side. has anyone here set one of these up ss and hung it from the scales?Read More »

Jones - steel diamond with ti truss forks

I've been scouring here for ages and seen a few threads alluding to the above set up but not found any pictures or reviews. I couldn't stretch to a full ti set up but I could possibly go for steel diamond with ti truss and wondered how others have got on with this? Still t swing my leg over a jones ... Read More »

Ti Truss fork

Hi, What thickness should I be making the steerer that my fork clamps to on a truss style fork. I am thinking 1.25 x 0.065, or is that overkill or underkill? It is for a mountain bike. Thanks in advance.Read More »

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