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a2c difference of comparable 27.5 and 29er forks

Anyone happen to know/guess the axle to crown difference between a Float 27.5 100mm and a Float 29 100mm or even better a Talas 29 120mm? I'm trying to figure out how bad of an idea it is, to convert one of the new Anthem 27.5s coming out to a 9erB. tyiaRead More »

Marzocchi Corsa 29er forks on sale at BlueSky

[URL="http://www.blueskycycling.com/product6486_65_-2012-Marzocchi-Corsa-SL-29er-Tapered-Fork-.htm"]Marzocchi Corsa SL 29er tapered - $299.98[/URL] [URL="http://www.blueskycycling.com/product6485_65_-2012-Marzocchi-Corsa-SL-LR-29er-Fork.htm"]Marzocchi Corsa LR 29er straight - $249.98[/URL]Read More »

Rock Shox SID RCT3 29er Forks

Guys, I'm a newby to the forum and have just upgraded bikes to a Niner Air9 29er. The problem I am having is that I need to remove the front wheel as the brakes (AVID Elixir3) are rubbing on the rotor. However the forks do not have "lawyer tabs" but rather a bolt through enclosed housing (see attac ... Read More »

New Icelandic Ultra ligth 29er front fork. From Lauf forks.

What u guys think og this one? [url=http://www.laufforks.com]Lauf Trail Racer[/url] Only 980gr! No service. Frictionless suspension. Active suspended weigth close to 250gr! Cheers.Read More »

no Fox 150mm 29er forks?

Well, fox website is updated and you can look at the 2014 forks and shocks linepu. I didn't see any 150mm Float 29er, nor 120-150mm Talas 29er forks... Fox is manufacturing a 150mm Float 29er and a 120-150mm Talas 29er for the Specialized Enduro 29er. Do you know if Fox is manufacturing these ... Read More »

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