SR Suntour Durolux 2014 Forks

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Product Description

  • Crown; Alloy
  • Stanchion tube: Alloy
  • Pitch: 140mm
  • Lower: Magnesium monocoque through axle design
  • Brake: Disc (Post mount type: for 160mm direct mount)

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How to setup SR Suntour Durolux 180TA

Just recently purchased an SR Suntour Durolux air fork. It is travel adjustable from 180mm down to 140mm. I'm a little perplexed on how to set it up properly, as I can't seem to find any info. Bottom right fork leg has rebound adjustment, and the top left fork leg has the remote for the travel adjus ... Read More »

Sr Suntour. Durolux/Deville/Vengeance

Hello Any one has experience with the new 2014 SR Suntour Durolux RC2? Still doubting between this fork / BOS Deville / X-fusion Vengeance HLR Durolux is kind of in the middle of the 3 forks in terms of stiffness and weight but how is it in performance? Heard many good things about Vengeance ... Read More »

2013 SR Suntour Durolux rc2 TA 180mm Video and Review

What lead me to this fork was when I bought my new frame(2011 DB Scapegoat) recommends a tapered steer-tube and 180mm of travel. I wanted to transfer my 1 1/8 steer 2011 160mm Fox Van Fit rc2 over but decided to go with what was recommended for the new frame. I did have a budget of $400 and wanted t ... Read More »

Suntour Durolux Rear Shock

Does anyone have any experience with their rear shock? Looking at buying a 200x57mm and reducing the stroke to 50mm, is this possible? ThxRead More »

2013 Durolux RC2 vs Marzocchi 55 CR

Seriously thinking about a 2013 Suntour Durolux RC2 vs a 2013 Marz 55 CR. Anyone here has any experience with both? Need to make a decision soon. I'd like to know if the price premium (about $300 in my neck of the woods) on the 55's are actually worth it compared to the absolute value of the Durolu ... Read More »

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