Marzocchi 888 CR 2014 Forks

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  • Travel - 200mm
  • Axle - 20mm
  • Steerer - Aluminum 1-1/8"
  • Brake System - 8" Post Mount - Max Disc 230mm

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May upgrade to 888 CR, confused on closed bath cardtridge

Referring to this info: [url=]Marzocchi 888 38mm 2008 Cartridge Kit[/url] From what I understand this is a closed cartridge, thus sealed off and the oil in the leg of the compression side of the fork is just for ... Read More »

thinking of getting 2013 Marzocchi 888 CR - good idea?

Its 599.99 on jenson, thinking about snagging one. Thinking that's a good deal and if I want to upgrade performance later on, there is always avy or push. Any reason not to? I'm currently on a 2006 888 rc2x with a scratched up stanchion, so I'm thinking this would be a nice upgrade Edit: Also I'm a ... Read More »

Boxxer RC or 888 CR?

I have a 2014 Rocky Mountain Flatline on the way. The bike comes with a Domain Dual Crown R, which I'd like to swap out for either a new Boxxer RC or a new Marz 888 CR. Previously, I've been drawn to the drops and jumps at my local mountain, but I'd like to spend more time on the other, gnarlier tra ... Read More »

Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO v2 worth $200 more than 888 CR?

Trying to decide if the RC3 EVO v2 is worth the $200 dollars more? The problem is I would have no problem buying the 888 CR but it is only offered in black. I really would like the white fork and the 888 RC3 EVO v2 is only offered in white. So trying to justify the purchase to see if the RC3 EVO ... Read More »

888 CR damper oil change - 2012

Hello all, Looking to change the oil in my 2012 888 CR. Old oil is out, everything is cleaned up but I'm really not sure how to get 400ml of oil into the damper side leg. Here's a reference pic of what the damper looks like...[URL=" ... Read More »

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