Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch TA 2014 Forks

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2012 Marzocchi 55 TST Micro Switch TA - how to self-service

Hey everyone - Thanks for taking the time to read. I'm in a real state of frustration right now, hoping someone on here might be able to help me out. I have a 2012 55 TST Micro STA that I love, but just want to change the oil, swap oil/dust seals, and completely clean it out. I've seen Ronnie Di ... Read More »

Help- how to bleed Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch TA 2013

Does anyone know how to bleed the Travel Adjustment on the Marzocchi 55 Microswitch TA? My fork had stopped returning to top of full travel, I bled some oil out of the screw marked "bleed here" at the top of the air spring under the travel adjustment cap. Travel returned but now the travel adjust i ... Read More »

Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch Ta Fork 2013 - Uphill

Plenty of info regading downhill capabilities but no feedback on how good it is to pedal up hill. Only 300grm heavier than my current forks which is a POS so want to upgrade to the 55's. As I do a fair bit of trail riding I do want to know how well it feels going up hill when you have to push ... Read More »

Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch TA service infos?

Merry Christmas to you all, Just bought a used 55 Micro Switch TA and would like to give it a good service over the winter. I can't find much on Zoke's website so here I am asking you guys for any tips, videos, guide etc The fork has both a micro ... Read More »

2012 Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch TA owners

Setup tips on the Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch TA. There's little info compared to Fox.Read More »

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