Fox Shox 40 RC2 Fit 2013 Forks

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The Fox 40 FIT RC2 Fork continues its reign as Fox's ultimate gravity offering. Packing the refined FIT RC2 damper, a World Cup-proven chassis, and 203mm of travel, it'll continue to be the fork of choice for both park riders and competitive athletes alike.At the heart of the 2013 40 is the FIT RC2 damper, it's a cartridge unit that uses an expandable bladder to seal suspension oil from air. This allows the damper to provide consistent action during heavy-duty use. For fine tuning of the fork, along with rebound, it has separate, external, low- and high-speed compression tuning.The LSC adjustment permits you to dial the fork to resist g-outs on high-speed berms or to help prevent travel loss due to brake dive. Alternatively, you can set the fork up to be incredibly sensitive and compliant to small-bump chatter. With the HSC you can change the fork's reaction to large hits from drops, ledges, and jumps for optimum control.Another nice feature of the FIT cartridge is it's inverted so, unlike the older, open-bath forks, oil weight (which is lower as well due to less volume) is contained and not adding to the fork's unsprung weight. This, combined with a titanium coil spring and durable, friction-reducing Kashima coated stanchions, results in a very responsive fork for the ultimate in control and traction.The Fox 40 RC2 FIT Fork is available in White or Black. It comes with a straight 1-1/8in steerer tube, and the upper crown is compatible with direct mount stems. The left leg has ISO brake tabs and will directly accommodate an 8in (203mm) brake rotor. It has two pinch bolts on the bottom of each leg to secure the included 20mm thru-axle, and an integrated hose guide to route the brake hose a clean look.

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Conflicting Fox 40 RC2 FIT HS/LS settings, looking for clarification

I have had my 40 for a little over a year now. It came on my bike and I never adjusted the settings except change the spring for a stiffer one, and rebound. Was always happy with the performance, but I changed my oil and decided to do a little bit of research on what settings everyone is running, an ... Read More »

Fox 40 Fit RC2

So im looking at the Fox 40and came up with a few questions. first, so you dont have to look to the site here are the specs: WEIGHT (20 THRU AXLE) 6.81 lb / 3.09 kg TRAVEL 8 inches / 203 mm ADJUSTMENTS EXTERNAL - Low-speed compression - High-speed compression - Coil spring preloa ... Read More »

Fox 40 RC2 FIT vs Boxxer w/ Avy

This year was really the year that I spend getting back into Downhill. I ran a Boxxer Race and by the end of the season my hands were cramping by the time I did one lap of the Whistler Bike Park. Now that I've settled back into the sport, next season I really want to have my suspension sorted out. ... Read More »

Fox 40 FIT RC2 on new Delirium

Alright I'm interested in your thoughts. I'm still waiting for my new 2010 Ano Black Delirium to arrive. I've been debating on forks for way to long. Marzocchi 66 RC3-ti sounds not completely reliable, and have been leaning mostly toward the new Fox 36 180mm FIT RC2 Vanilla. However the other day I ... Read More »

RC2 40 FIT 2010 Spring questions ?

Got two questions about the spring side of a RC2 40. First of all have to mention it’s a 2010 FIT RC2 40. 1 : while I tighten the preload knob . The small rod which puts pressure on the plastic spacers works vise versa I think !!! When I turn the knob clockwise ( + ) the small screw rod goes ... Read More »

Read More »




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