RockShox Sektor RL Solo Air 2012 Forks

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The RockShox Sektor is a perfect example of trickle down technology.....

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Rock shox Sektor Solo air RL 2014: how to adjust compression?

Hi guys, I have this nice new fork, which I really appreciate for its stiffness. However, I wasn't able to adjust the compression. On the left side I have the knob that is used to blow air into the fork, and on the right side I have a blue knob that says "Lockout". If I turn it all the way clockwi ... Read More »

Upgrade Rockshox Sektor RL Solo Air 150mm

Im looking to put a little money into upgrading (upgrading components, not buying a new one) my Rockshox Sektor RL solo air. Im debating between putting in an RLT or XX MoCo damper. Thoughts between the the two? Also, any suggestions on a new rebound damper? I ride mostly AM/XC singletrack. ... Read More »

anyone service their rockshox sektor RL solo air?

My sektor is two years old and never been serviced, it doesnt leak or anything but i think i want to change the oil and maybe the seals but ive never serviced a fork before. The manual seems to have all the info but its also a little overwhelming. I wish there was a video for it. Anyone ever done ... Read More »

Travel spacers included with 2013 Sektor RL Solo Air forks?

Hi all! Sorry for this possibly very boring question but do this year's Sektor RL Solo Air forks come with travel spacers? They are not selling 140mm forks any more and 150 is pushing it a bit far on my frame (2007 Kona Dawg). The thing is neither the Sram website nor the online shop I usually buy f ... Read More »

RS Sektor RL solo air 120mm???

Does anyone know if the RockShox sektor solo air can be spaced down to 120mm? I know it can be spacer to 130mm but will the extra 10mm spacer cause any problems? I have a frame that takes a 120mm max travel fork (On One Inbred) and a Sektor I would like to use. thanks!!Read More »

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