Marzocchi 888 RCV 2012 Forks

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Product Description

The 888 means business. Its 200mm ofTravel are capable of absorbingThe impact ofThe most body-jarring of obstacles. It also features new bushing designs with vertical slot for oil fluid and lubrication andThe RV (Rebound Valve) and CV (Compression Valve) pumping elements, an evolution ofThe well-proven SSVF Open Bath system. The system controlsThe compression and rebound speed. When correctly adjusted,The fork is ableTo keepThe wheel in contact withThe ground in any riding condition, keeping yo

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Tuning 2008 Marz 888 RCV

I tried searching for a basic setting for the 888, I have a 2008 RCV (I think) 888 with a air valve on top of each leg with the red star cap covers. Im not sure and cant find which leg does what and do they have to be filled with the same amount of air. I usually ride DH or north shore type stuff an ... Read More »

888 RCV and 888 CR

I have been looking at the Marzocchi 888. What is the difference between the 888 RCV and the 888 CR? The CR is about $100 more than the RCV. Are they worth buying or would it be better to just go for a 888 RC3 Evo? I have a Demo 7 with a Totem and always wanted to try a duel crown fork. Would be ... Read More »

Sticky 2008 888 rcv

I've been noticing that the first phew inches of travel are pretty sticky. I weigh 125lb, and with the preload all the way down it is still very difficult to initiate the first few inches. It has the stock spring in it, should I perhaps go to a soft spring?Read More »

BoXXer Race 2010 vs. 888 RCV '09

which is a better fork for racing and freeride combined? i rele need to decide becuase my racing and FR skills depend on it.Read More »

2008 888RC3 Internals swap to 2009 888 RCV

Hello people, I was wondering If anyone of you cold help me or contact me with someone tha can. A friend of a friend of mine broke his 2008 888RC3 at the arc, he got himslef an used 2009 888 RC3WC and I was thinking to swap the RC3 internals to my 2009 888 RCV. The lowers seem to be the same, but I ... Read More »

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