Manitou R7 2011 Forks

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Manitou R7 2010: Cold-forged hollow crown with aluminum steerer. New Abosolute platform damper with semi-bath lubrication and Evil Genius seals. 30mm alloy stanchions; magnesium lowers. 210mm max disc brake rotor size.

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Manitou Match or R7?

still trying to decide which one should I get: MATCH COMP 100 ao R7 PRO 100. No Minute due to tapered steerer. Match is cheaper but heavier by almost 2lbs and will require stiffer spring for me. R7 is lighter but cost a bit more and will require shock pump. so,need advise. No crazy riding, just roa ... Read More »

Manitou R7 Pro travel

Can the R7 Pro 100mm be converted to 80mm travel via spacer removal similar to RockShox SID or are they two different forks? I am looking at one that is 100mm but I need 80mm for an old school hardtail.Read More »

Manitou R7 Elite TPC front shock - anyone snap a pic for me??

I had some spare stuff laying around the house and just traded someone for a 2006 Giant Anthem 2, to have as a spare for friends, etc. Frame is in beautiful condition, just a little rough around the edges (missing front brake, and needs a tune-up no biggie). However, the shock.. on the quick relea ... Read More »

Manitou R7 PRO vs MRD

I have decided to get a new Manitou R7 fork, but they have 2 versions; PRO and MRD. My cost difference would be $100 more for the MRD and I dont fully understand the differences. The MRD is lighter by .38lbs and uses "cartridge" for damping. Is it a big deal to have the cartridge? I dont know much ... Read More »

Manitou R7 set-up for light rider

I just got a good deal on a Gary Fisher Marlin with a Manitou R7 (not sure of the model) fork for my 9 year old. He weighs 70 lbs. Right now I have the fork air pressure at 45 psi and it barely has enough force to over come the stiction on rebound as it comes back to fully extended. I admittedly ... Read More »

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