RockShox BoXXer WC 2010 Forks

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Product Description

Featuring long-travel-specific Mission Control DH damping, DropStop bottom-out systems and a 35mm dual-crown chassis, the legendary BoXXer is downright fast. Upgraded damper technologies and a revalved design give an unwaveringly smooth and consistent feel to the reliable Coil and the decadently light, adjustable and fully redesigned Solo Air spring. Striking a perfect balance between weight, stiffness and performance, this fork isn't for those who live to ride. It's for those who live to ride faster.

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Boxxer WC conversion - air to coil?

I can't be the only one looking to do this - I see plenty of posts going from coil to air, but not the other way around??? Basically, I've got a 2012 RockShox Boxxer World Cup, which I believe has issues w/ the air spring side (I've already performed the service kit on it). Rather than spend the ... Read More »

2012 RockShox Boxxer WC issues

I have a 2012 RockShox Boxxer WC that is experiencing (what I thought was) hydrolock. Basically, it feels like the compression is cranked all the way up or in lock-out mode. In order to get the fork to even budge, I have to air-down to 30psi or less (72psi is the recommended for my rider weight). I' ... Read More »

Boxxer WC, 380 R2c2, Fox 40, DVO Emerald

How do these forks compare? What are the pros/cons of each fork? I'm considering either a 380 or dvo at this point. I'd like to hear about what people think that have actually ridden all of these.Read More »

2012/3 Hybrid Boxxer Race/WC or real?

Hey guys, somebody locally is selling a 2012/2013 Boxxer Race/World Cup dual crown fork that I am interested in. I started to google it as the look for the fork is a bit off compared to the typical Boxxer's with the continued writing on the lowers. This one doesn't and it looks like either the lo ... Read More »

2011 Boxxer WC Oil in Air Spring?

Servicing my fork. The fork lately has had quite a bit of resistance during the first part of its travel. It takes quite a bit of force in order to get it to move. I've done the lower leg service several times before, but that's not working any more. This week I changed the 239mL of oil in the d ... Read More »

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