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Hot News: RockShox expands Charger Damper to new BoXXer DH fork

RockShox keeps the pedal to the floor with Charger Damper enhanced BoXXer DH forks and aftermarket kits, 27.5-inch models too. Suspension-maker revs value-priced Domain Dual Crown as well.    Read More »

Magura Interbike 2013

Jude Monica from Magura shows off the new eLECT automatic compression damper, the TS8 650B fork and the TS RL rear shock.    Read More »

Ibis Mojo 2010 Review

Ibis Mojo 2010 Review by Sharon Bader Unchanged since 2005, the Carbon Ibis Mojo sports the the DW link suspension in a sleek monocoque design. The smooth lines are the result of the unibody construction which allows the frame to be constructed in one piece with fewer areas of stress in a lighter, ...    Read More »

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Putting 2010 internals into older Pike forks

Hi, I'm thinking about buying a set of Rockshox Team air U-Turn forks 2010 model and putting the Black Box motion control and air spring into my Pike Teams from 2007. reason being I need a strong set of forks and the Rev chassis I've heard isn't as burly as the Pikes. They're to go on a Banshee/Myth ... Read More »

FS: Forks for Helius AM: 2010 Fox 36 Float RC2 FIT

Just thought I'd make you guys aware of these since they are a common figment to the AM. These came with my AM and were fitted for a short time, only about 5 rides and my Evil Sov for xc rides. I've sold the Evil frame and no longer need the forks so... Details White 2010 model Fox 36 Floa ... Read More »

2010 Enduro travel adjustable forks

I upgraded my solo air by adding the DH mission control damper and dual flow rebound which greatly improved the performance but am now thinking of adding either a 2-step or coil u-turn to the fork to get the front of the bike a bit lower for climbing. My question is for those of you who have the ... Read More »

Moots Forks Early Winter 2010

If one were to access the Moots website, click on components, and then on forks, they'd see, "COMING EARLY WINTER 2010! STAY TUNED!" Any rumors, inside information, or guesses what type of forks will be offered? I'm about to pull the trigger on either a carbon or titanium 29er, but would first l ... Read More »

Upgraded forks. what to do with 2010 RLC float 140 fit

Upgraded the fork on my Mojo to a 160 since all the guys I ride with are fahkin psychos. And Im not sure what to do with my old 2010 Fox 140 Float rlc FIT fork. Its gray, 15QR and has around 10 rides on it. I was thinking about putting it on the Schwinn homegrown. Is that too much fork for this bi ... Read More »

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