Manitou R7 Elite 2010 Forks

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Product Description

  • Damping: TPC
  • Adjustments: Compression, rebound, preload
  • Spring: TS Air
  • Stanchions: 30mm, Aluminum
  • Casting: One piece, Reverse Arch, Magnesium

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Manitou R7 Elite TPC front shock - anyone snap a pic for me??

I had some spare stuff laying around the house and just traded someone for a 2006 Giant Anthem 2, to have as a spare for friends, etc. Frame is in beautiful condition, just a little rough around the edges (missing front brake, and needs a tune-up no biggie). However, the shock.. on the quick relea ... Read More »

Manitou 2006 Black Platinum vs. 2008 R7 Elite

I am building a bike for a friend and have both of the forks above in the title. Both have little miles on them but I am trying to decide which of them stays and the other goes. The Black, a 2006 model has the Mars Air spring, TPC with Lockout (not TPC+) and is a 120mm fork. The R7 is a 2008 Elit ... Read More »

2008 Manitou R7 Elite Absolute rebuildable from 80 to 100 mm?

Hi, I consider picking up a second hand 2008 Manitou R7 Elite Absolute for a budget XC build. I can't seem to find any info if it is possible to rebuild the 80 mm version to 100 mm which is what I would like to the frame i question. Any input greatly appreciated. Cheers /JohanRead More »

2008 Manitou R7 Elite Bushing Replacement

I have a small amount of play between the stanchion and the lower leg. I have been told that it is time to replace the bushings. Is this a difficult task? Something best left to a shop or service centre? Or could a relatively handy guy do it? I ask, because it seems like a very expensive fix ... Read More »

Tuning Manitou R7 Elite

I just got a R7 Elite and I have no idea how to tune the TPC or what affect it will have on the ride, any pointers?Read More »

Read More »




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