Marzocchi MX Comp Coil 2008 Forks

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Product Description

  • Damping system: Dual SSV
  • Adjustability: External air preload
  • Spring type: Dual coil
  • Travel: 85,105 mm
  • Steer tube: Steel
  • Drop-out type: Standard

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How to tune Marzocchi MX Comp coil fork for the Mrs.?

My wife (120 lbs.) has a Kona Kahuna with a 2003 Marzocchi MX Comp fork, coil springs, open bath oil damping, non-ETA. The fork is an aftermarket model, not the OEM one supplied with the bike. It has the stock 105mm travel springs that came with the fork. I believe that "light" springs were never ... Read More »

Removing lowers on MX Comp Coil

I have an '04 or '04 Marzocchi MX Comp Coil (85mm if it matters) and I need to remove the lowers to have them powdercoated. Does anyone have a quick tutorial on how to do this? Thanks in advance. BobRead More »

Marzocchi MX Comp: Coil to Air conversion?

Tried the search and didn't really come up with anything... I have an '04 Marzocchi MX Comp 29er fork. It is a coil/oil fork, 75mm travel. The springs it came with aren't quite stiff enough for me, I'm ~250lbs. My 26" fork (which is no longer in use) is an '07 MX Comp air fork, 80mm travel. ... Read More »

Setting up Marzocchi MX Comp Coil

OK, I've read the crappy Marz manual, searched around here, and asked around, but I'm still unable to figure out out to set up the air pressure for my weight. :madman: I LOVE this fork, but I really want to get it dialed in and put it through its paces. I have the air adapter that came with it, ... Read More »

B-New MX Comp (coil) Vs. used Marathon, Sid, Psylo, etc…

B-New MX Comp (coil) Vs. used Marathon, Sid, Psylo, etc… Which one should I go for? I currently have a Rock Shox Judy TT (80mm) that came with my 2003 GT hard tail and want to upgrade to a better fork. I mostly ride trail, the usual…rocks, roots; a foot drops here and there nothing real ... Read More »

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